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Strix 3090 White RGB

Level 9

So let me give an example of my situation. I reinstalled windows, and my card RGB works. I download Armoury Crate to control the lighting, and once i open Armoury, the RGB froze on the rainbow. By froze i mean that its supposed to be animated but its stuck, and any setting i change does not affect it. I shutdown the pc and the lights turn off. When i turn the PC back on, only one light on the GPU turns on and reacts to any changes that i make. None of the others do, and now they are stuck in the OFF state.

I tried uninstalling Armoury and reinstalling it. I tried different shutdown methods, clearing bios, clearing CMOS, reinstalling windows even. Still doesnt work. For some reason ONLY one LED works, and reacts to all my changes, but the rest of the card doesnt work.

On certain occasions, the RGB DOES start to work, and is fully functional, but then it freezes after about 30 minutes of usage. Any help is appreciated.

The video posted shows when the card RGB is FROZ and wont react. The video doesnt show the 1 light tha. does work. It is under the card and didnt show in the video. After shutting down the PC, all the stuck LED's turned off and are still off. 

EDIT: After reinstalling windows, It was working really well. Then i installed armoury crate. Changed the color, and it got stuck again. Doing the same thing now. Armoury crate is just weird weird at this point. Im gonna have to reinstall windows AGAIN.

EDIT: After reinstalling windows. The card is still stuck with no RGB. I have videos and all to show my problem, but literally the only LED that is working is the one on the 3rd fan away from the display inputs. RAM, mobo, case fans, they all work perfectly. I have no idea whats causing my strix to behave like this. What should i do? Help!


Level 9

Hello  . I have an update. 

So the card is working, RGB is working and has not been stuck ever since it got stuck a few times. I noticed that it stopped getting stuck, and for 48 hours it has been going great. Though here is the catch.


A few months ago, my room electricity would cut off like 4 times a week. The PC would shut off as usual and then once the electricity got back i wokld just use the pc normally. Though once we fixed the electricity problem, my PC would shut down and turn on automatically.. like completely shut down then turn on. It happened only when i was playing high demanding games. I ran benchmarks and couldnt seem to repeat the issue. It was weird and would randomly shut down and restart. Once that stopped happening (idk how) is when the RGB problem started happening with me.


So this is the catch. Now that the RGB is running smooth.. my PC is shutting down and restarting randomly. I would be 30 minutes into a game (temps are great and power draw is fine) then it would just shut down and restart. Im beginning to think it could be a PSU issue. I ordered another Strix 850W (white) (this is what i currently have) and will test to see if the issue persists when i switch them out. Can i just switch over the PSU and keep the same cables? Let me know. And i will update u on my matter. Thanks!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @ItsHadyy ,

thank you for your feedback. 

Please continue to observe if the GPU lighting is stable and if the computer experiences random shutdowns after using the new power supply. 

Additionally, for guidance on installing the power supply, you can refer to the diagram below or the user manual linked. Thank you.

Thank you.

Q15428_ROG_STRIX_PSU_QSG_105X148_WEB.pdf (

Hello Aurelian,

The issue seemed to have stopped. I have not had any crashes, and the lighting has been consistent. Seems to be working fine for the past 4 days. Ill keep updated incase anything goes wrong, but for the time being, it seems like it has fixed itself.


I wanted to point out the "Blue" light on my GPU is very very weak. Almost 0. Even with RGB set to 0 0 255, the blue is very faded. If i set it to 10 10 255, its like the blue is not there anymore. Is this a common strix problem? Or am i just unlucky? Let me knoww! Thank you.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @ItsHadyy ,

may I ask whether you could record a video shows that the blue light on the GPU is very weak?

Whether the issue occur the first time you install the GPU? May I ask only the blue light has the issue?

We will pass your details on to our relevant backend team for analysis.

Thank you for the cooperation.

Level 9

Hi Aurelian, 

Funny you should mention, the lights got stuck this morning. 

I did no chnages at all. It has been good the past couple of days, even tried chnaging it and it owuld work, but now it is stuck again.. I am so disappointed. For a 1700$ GPU,  would expect this to work. Is there a way i could get a replacement 4080? or 3090?

Level 9

Hi Aurelian, 

What can i do about this? I tried to sell my card, but the buyer did not trust me because the card RGB didnt work. This is a big problem. Is there a way i can get a replacement as soon as possible? My card is still under warranty and I feel like i deserve a replacement since this one seems to be faulty.

You have not even updated me about the Armoury Crate log files. Did you find anything wrong?

I still do not know if this is a software or hardware issue, and i dont know if its the motherboard or the GPU causing it. I need a resolution. Talking back and forth on the internet is not helping. It has been almost 2 months with no resolution!

Customer Service Agent

Hi @ItsHadyy ,

we appreciate your patience. Considering that you've mentioned the graphics card lighting issue has been resolved during the process, we've forwarded your concern about the faint blue light to our backend team.

For further clarification, we kindly request your assistance in performing the following steps:

Step 1: Power off the PC, remove the graphics card, wait for 3 minutes, and then reinsert it.
Step 2: After restarting, install the latest NV Driver V546.17 using a Clean install.
Step 3: Once ready, open AURA Sync, sync all devices, and set the lighting effect to Dark.
Step 4: Unsync the VGA individually, go to the Device page, and set the breathing effect to blue.
Step 5: Restart the PC.
Step 6: On the Device page, set the breathing effect to green.

Please record the entire process starting from Step 3. Specifically, during Steps 4 and 6, after configuring the lighting effects, bring the camera close to the graphics card and check if any lighting effects appear. Thank you.

We understand the wait has been extended, and considering your product is still under warranty, if you prefer not to wait for further analysis by the backend team, we recommend sending the product to an official service center for evaluation. The engineers will assess the next steps for service. Thank you.

Official Support | ASUS Global

Hi Aurelian, 

Im just going to go ahead with an RMA. This sucks because I will be using my integrated graphics for the time being and I dont even know how long an RMA will take. Hopefully they can figure this out because apparently the whole internet is stumped and cant understand whats going on with my card. I guess this thread is closed now since final solution is going to be an RMA. Ill update once my card is back. Could take weeks or a month i have no idea.