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Screen flickering / black screen / pc restart ROG Strix RTX 4090 White OC

Level 8


Since I bought the card after a while using the computer my screen starts to flicker, sometimes after flicker, the screen goes black and comes back, or sometimes the PC restarts.(this never happened while gaming, only when I'm watching videos, using the PC normally without any load on the GPU)

Checking Windows Events, I noticed that the card driver stops working, and shows some more errors:

Event Log Error:
1- Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.
2- \Device\Video3 Restarting TDR occurred on GPUID:100
3- \Device\Video3 Reset TDR occurred on GPUID:100
4- \Device\Video3 Resetting TDR occurred on GPUID:100
5- \Device\Video3 UCodeReset TDR occurred on GPUID:100
6- \Device\Video3 2022c3b2 2022c828 2022e718 2022c5b0 202683a2 20268760 00000000 00000000

I have already used DDU 4 times to reinstall the driver.
I've already tested it on both Windows 11 and Windows 10 in a clean format.
I've already tested both the native 12vhpwr cable and the adapter that came with the card.
I have already tested on drivers from 551.23 onwards, the most recent driver 551.61 so far, from what I have tested, it is
making the screen just flick.

After several tests, the only thing that makes it stop is uninstalling the driver and using the Windows generic one,
or change the Power Management Mode to "Prefer maximum performance" (which causes my card to
keep the frequency high all the time and the 3 fans spinning at 1000rpm consuming more energy)

What I want to know is, is this a card defect or is it a driver, BIOS/FIRMWARE problem?

I checked for a bios/firmware update for my card model, and only the Black color model of the card has a BIOS/FIRMWARE update to download

Page of the black version of the card:
Page of the white version of the card:

Video 1 (screen flick, pc restart):

Video 2 (screen flick):

Thanks for reading, I hope someone has anything to say about this, I'm really tired of this problem and I can't find anything about it.

Have a good day.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Brucis ,

based on your issue, if you have confirmed that you have: 

1.Updated your graphics card drivers to the latest version

2.Ensured that hardware connections are normal

3.Verified that the power supply is adequate and stable, tried connecting the graphics card to different power outlets

4.Updated the BIOS

but the problem still persists, we suggest sending the monitor to the nearest official repair center for further diagnosis by our engineers. 

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Hello @Aureliannn_ROG 

I think RTX 4090 ROG OC White have a FIRMWARE/BIOS problem, which results in flick screen and crash drivers in idle. Or is the hardware.

I see in many forum many people having the same problem with ROG STRIX 4090 OC, and ASUS do nothing about this, in the update BIOS/DRIVER page of the card don't have any BIOS/FIRMWARE update available.

Level 7

I've had my ROC Strix 4090 OC for 8 months and had this same problem as random issues. 😭   The problem happened only when idle or having no heavy load, like browsing.   A couple times I encountered that the card reset happened when I ran a program or initiated a task, drawing power from the PSU.   Nonetheless, the card was sent to an authorized service center, but they couldn't reproduce the problem.  😢

Recently, the red led at the 12vhpwr connector lit up.  It's never happened before.  This would be a big clue.  The problem might result from a loose 12vhpwr connector.  I swapped my card with my friend and he noticed that the 12vhpwr connector was not as tight as his 4090 FE. 

Reconnecting the 12vhpwr connector might solve this problem, but temporally.  It might require a new connector on the card that can hold the power cable securely.   My PSU is ThermalTake GF1 1000W.


Finally, I found the problem.  I borrowed my friend's 4090 FE to test and the same problem happened. This time, it had a flicker green screen and a full-speed fan. It is from a defective PSU, only the 12vhpwr cable.  Not sure it is from the cable or the circuit fault.

435061269_3638051356437483_7099749720576212571_n.jpg 4090-flicker.gif