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RTX 4090 TUF OC Qled behavior

Level 9

Good day,

I noticed the following behavior with my RTX 4090 TUF OC.
After the POST runs normally and all Qled's are displayed, the VGA Qled switches on after the successful start and remains active.
However, it does not glow white as described in the manual but rather slightly orange.
However, the GPU works perfectly.
Is there a problem here, and if so, how can I fix it?

Current VBIOS version is 2.1
Drivers are also all up to date.




Customer Service Agent

Hi @Vatergascoigne ,

based on your issue, if you can successfully boot up and use your computer without any screen display problems, you can continue using it with confidence. However, if you remain concerned, could you please provide a photo illustrating the lighting abnormality you mentioned? 

Additionally, could you confirm the model of the motherboard you are currently using? 

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello Aureliannn_ROG,

otherwise I have no problems with the GPU.
Nevertheless, I am surprised by the behavior of the mainboard.
Especially since, according to the manual, the VGA Qled should only light up white and not orange or 🙂
The motherboard I'm using is the ROG Strix Z790 Gaming-F Wifi with BIOS version 1501.
I will send a picture of the Qled later via PM.