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RTX 4090 Matrix Annoying noise (pump full speed always?)

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Hi guys.

I notice some guys are having issues with the noise from the pump in the RTX4090 Matrix Platinum. Even with idle mode, the fans are stopped and the pump keeps in the fullspeed (seems to be that, because there's no way to control the pump via software). So the noise is very very loud when you are with the case on your desk. The guys in the internet have different setups of the pump pipes (positioning) like:

1 -
2 - Matrix 4090 weird noise(not the coils) : r/ASUS (

The both links below, they are top to bottom (the graphic card is pumping from the top to bottom). But mine, the card is lower than the fans pipe input, so in my case is bottom to top, like my CPU AIO Cooling, it's the same position (bottom to top).

Could you help me please?



I ended up returning the card. I was within the 14 days return policy. 

Wasn't happy with the overall product for the price. 

Ended up buying 4090 FE and currently building a custom water loop system instead which cost less. 

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I have been in contact with ASUS headquarters in Taiwan. They confirmed that the speed of the water pump cannot be adjusted. Changing the pump speed could damage the pump they said.

Now everything is clear, the cheap Asetek pump is only connected with two wires and cannot even be slowed down by adjusting the voltage...


I returned the RTX 4090 Matrix and received the full purchase price. Unacceptable for the price and this brand. Also, the reaction and silence of the ASUS team, the moderators who regularly delete posts in this thread is disappointing. It's sad that you behave like this.

No posts have been deleted. Please make sure to get your ducks in a row before making allegations like this at forum staff - if any posts are deleted it's due to breach of forum rules. These remarks don’t make much sense given I posted above regarding pump control being locked.

Are there any AIO GPUs with adjustable pump speeds on the market? I’ve used the majority for 4090 SKUs and not one of them had adjustable pump speed.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Quite quite strange that these posts are missing? Even a post from yourself. They were there for a moment, and then got deleted.


And don't respond to me with off-topic in the second picture. Because this is about exactly the same thing. About bad customer support from the ASUS team.

- Several users have tagged different people from the ASUS team in this thread. And no one has posted an official statement. It. was. hushed. up.
- I had to wait over three months for a replacement graphics card because the first had a defective pump (another one from a collague too which he gave back). And even the replacement card had defective LED's in the fans. First one then all went out some days later. Great quality control for such a high priced product.
- Aurelian contacted me via private message due to the long wait for my warranty replacement. Did I ever get a response after i sent him all informations? No. Never heard anything again. Many weeks later, in may, the replacement came from my supplier and was a card with production date November 2023.
- After weeks of silence here in the forum where the forum team not cared about customer feedback, I had to go through the German ASUS VGA team myself to get in touch with the head office in Taiwan.

So stop denying my points. This thread is further proof of ASUS's poor customer support.

I haven't checked the entire market, but I don't know of any other graphics card with a controllable pump. However, this does not mean that ASUS has to do the same. Especially since there has already been negative feedback about the noise of the earlier LC Strix products. In addition, the Matrix is significantly more expensive than its competitors and still only uses a cheap, non-controllable Asetek pump.

I expect this to be made better from ASUS with the RTX 5090 Matrix.

Why are you tagging posts from this thread? Anything not on topic is likely to get removed from a support thread, that shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Swearing is also not tolerated.  There are ample reports in this thread and all of which has been acknowledged, I myself requested information regarding pump control at the users requests, unfortunately (much like most closed GPU loops) this isn't possible this time around.

Can you clarify what this has to do with pump speed and RMA'ing for noise? The post regarding pump control is directly above the one you are replying to, did you miss it? Are you able to answer my question regarding any other SKU you know of having pump control? Moreover, Asetek is a market leader and I fail to see why it's suddenly being dubbed "cheap" in this instance. What closed loop solution would you suggest in its place?

EDIT: I've seen your update. There are valid reasons for not allowing pump control hence why other vendors also do not offer the same. Optimum performance and reliabilty is found at a fixed RPM. If the unit does exhibit what you consider to be excessive noise, you're in your right to RMA. As you've received a refund, I think that's a fair conclusion.



13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 8

Hello everybody,

here is the feedback on my RMA Matrix. The card had a noise problem (i have posted a record of my pump noise here).
Asus have replaced my card and reconise my card had a anormal noise problem with the pump. It was my second Matrix (the first one had VRAM problem) and the second was much more loud than the first who had a "normal noise" (...).
At this point, i can say thank you to Asus for the RMA (normal thing after all). In my case, they have been professionnal.
In other point, i am disappointed that this problem can be exist on a very premium card (2x RTX4090 normal cost!) and I can not stop myself to think ASUS has overlooked this point. When you trust a brand, you don't like this kind of unpleasant and cost surprise.
Today, its my fouth RTX 4090 ! (for 1 computer). And 1x RTX4070 + 1x RTX4070s (as replacement during RMA),
1) 4090 Strix OC --> RMA (VRAM problem) --> RMA
2) 4090 Matrix --> RMA (VRAM pb)  --> RMA
3) 4090 Matrix --> RMA (pump problem)  --> RMA
4) 4090 Matrix --> not yet tested
ITs my first Gen i have as much problem with my hardware. I realy hope next Gen will be reliable and quiet. And i realy hope i will have no problem with the new Matrix.
Thanks to all for helping.

Thats good to hear they actually RMA your card. For me RMA was declined and they stated its normal for pump to be noisy and they dont see problem with it. I also have 4090 ichill black with 280mm aio without noise on max load. Ill try to contact Asus on their new dedicated email for RMA