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RTX 4090 Matrix Annoying noise (pump full speed always?)

Level 8

Hi guys.

I notice some guys are having issues with the noise from the pump in the RTX4090 Matrix Platinum. Even with idle mode, the fans are stopped and the pump keeps in the fullspeed (seems to be that, because there's no way to control the pump via software). So the noise is very very loud when you are with the case on your desk. The guys in the internet have different setups of the pump pipes (positioning) like:

1 -
2 - Matrix 4090 weird noise(not the coils) : r/ASUS (

The both links below, they are top to bottom (the graphic card is pumping from the top to bottom). But mine, the card is lower than the fans pipe input, so in my case is bottom to top, like my CPU AIO Cooling, it's the same position (bottom to top).

Could you help me please?



Level 11

@MasterC , @Jiaszzz_ROG , @Anbby_ROG , please if you can contact someone in ASUSHQ to check this problem for us. GPU is unusable without noise canceling headset. One month without any updates on this problem. It takes 15 minutes to test this.

Level 8

Hi guys.

Thank you very much for all your comments.
Thanks for the support ASUS Team.

Well, for everyone who is watching, I opened a RMA with Asus, and they do replace my Card that came from UK to another one from Canada. And it's not with noise. It's weird because seems to have a piece inside which is not attached, like a releases screw. But it's not with noise at all, it's perfect. As intend to be.

So, I recommend you to check if it's a UK issue. Because the Card is not intend to have this noise at all.

Thank you very much guys.
For sure the firmware solution will be the best, because I saw some of you replacing the Card 3 times and didn't having the solution, so I don't know what to do in these cases. Just ask support from ASUS and put everything in email.

Best for you all.

Level 11

Just adding here a video from a reviewer. Starts 15:05.

Is this the Ultimate RTX 4090? We get testing and see if the Asus ROG RTX 4090 Matrix can be the fastest card we have ever tested.....? Brand New Website Review: - 00:00 Introduction 05:25 Build Features 09:30 ...

Some pump noise is to be expected. The flow rate is faster than most AIO so the pump is bound to be audible or produce some noise if sat close enough, as they were hand-picked for flow rate and maximum performance. Can confirm that there isn't any physical way to control pump speed which is very typical for GPU closed units and even some CPU ones.

Obviously, if there's knocking or other noises then that would indicate an issue and you should contact service to request an RMA.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 8


I just wanted to ask if ASUS have acknowledged this pump sound issue. Is there a fix in the works?  

ASUS dont care. Even their support agents wont answear here on forum.

Being a PC gaming enthusiast I was super excited to get this card, but I'm not sure if I have made the right decision now.

If my mobile phone dBa app is correct, the sound of the Matrix pump is running between 5-7dBa louder than my previous 3 fan 7900XTX Nitro+ from Sapphire when my PC is in idle. 30dBa compared to 35dBa which it is now. 

I love the aesthetics of the ROG Matrix and the website really sold it to me with the "Highest GPU Boost clock, Auto-Extreme automated manufacturing and digital power control." 

I have to say they also mentioned on the website:

  • Embedded pump with optimized coolant flow rate.

Then clearly they can control the pump speed. All it would take is for them to grant us control to the flow rate to see if that would quieten or eliminate this audible frequency, that sounds like a grainy low frequency tinnitus.

If ASUS is not able to grant the user full control to the pump flow, then perhaps releasing a bios or firmware which would make the pump run low rpm's when the GPU was in idle and to ramp up when under load to see if that would make a difference? 

Fan noise I can stand, but even with headphones on, the sound manages to still be audible. I've tried getting used to the noise from the pump, but for the price I paid, I would expect to hear near silence.  Clearly, if the reviews mention pump noise then it's definitely something ASUS can improve on.  

I really wanted this card to be perfect but at this point, after reading Reddit threads about ASUS ROG Laptops and liquid metal, I am starting to consider other 4090 options. This card in principal had a lot going for it, but so far, with the lack of acknowledgement from ASUS and no proper ASUS UK GPU support, all of a sudden this ROG 4090 Matrix isn't giving me the warm and fuzzies.

Maybe we should ask some tech yotube channel (gamersnexus etc...) to cover this for us. So ASUS might do something.

Level 8

My seller has opened a RMA to ASUS and has adviced to me to send the carte. My card is now on road. I'm going to see if I'm right to trust ASUS all these years. To be continued.

Please when you get RMA card back report if its working without any noise. I will do RMA until i get silent gpu or refund. My 4090 matrix sound like tractor. Also i have 4090 ichill black (aio) zero pump noise its super silent even under heavy load.