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RTX 4090 Matrix Annoying noise (pump full speed always?)

Level 8

Hi guys.

I notice some guys are having issues with the noise from the pump in the RTX4090 Matrix Platinum. Even with idle mode, the fans are stopped and the pump keeps in the fullspeed (seems to be that, because there's no way to control the pump via software). So the noise is very very loud when you are with the case on your desk. The guys in the internet have different setups of the pump pipes (positioning) like:

1 -
2 - Matrix 4090 weird noise(not the coils) : r/ASUS (

The both links below, they are top to bottom (the graphic card is pumping from the top to bottom). But mine, the card is lower than the fans pipe input, so in my case is bottom to top, like my CPU AIO Cooling, it's the same position (bottom to top).

Could you help me please?



RMA is pointless because all 4090 matrix cards produce same noise. They need to adjust pump speed. Its ok to run it 100% on max load but idle no. Asus should release BIOS or FIRMWARE update to fix it. Same thing happens with their AIOs but you can reduce pump speed in motherboard bios.

Yeah that's less than ideal! If the pump noise seems intrusive don't be afraid to contact service for a replacement.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Please if you can contact someone from ASUS HQ to test and verify this. 

Verify what, exactly? If the pump is noisey, contact service. Your statement regarding all pumps sounding the same is incorrect.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

To verify if the can produce pump noise. OP posted video. Its high pitching noise. I manage to reduce noise for ASUS RYUO III 360 in mobo bios but for matrix 4090 there is no way to reduce pump speed (noise). 4090 matrix run 100% pump speed all time.

Or maybe your statement is incorrect, I sent back the card to Overclockers UK for analysis and they told me they were all doing the same noise. So no RMA.

Level 7

I've had the exact same issue since day 1 in January. This has been extremely annoying and I wouldn't have bought the card if I knew.

+1 for Asus to issue a ****** firmware update for adjustable pump speed, this is ridiculous.

Level 8

ASUS Team, so when do we all get a statement for all our questions? Everything is just hushed up but we want answers from the engineers

- Where is the statement about the pump noise problem? We are now waiting since 5 weeks for an feedback from Aurelian! I‘ve now had three cards in my hands with loud pump noise.

- Where is the software update of ASUS GPU Tweak III to manually control the pump speed of the matrix?

- Why is an RMA for this card taking more than three months? What is going on?!

Level 8

What's news @Aureliannn and @Silent_Scone  ?The 13/02 you said "we are currently verifying this issue with our backend team, and we will inform you of any updates. Thank you. "

We all need a solution for fix the pump problem with this premium card.



Level 8

i have just recording my card noise. YOu understand why i am annoyed. This noise is very disturbing.

précision : my PC do nothing - Only on desktop...