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RTX 4090 Matrix Annoying noise (pump full speed always?)

Level 8

Hi guys.

I notice some guys are having issues with the noise from the pump in the RTX4090 Matrix Platinum. Even with idle mode, the fans are stopped and the pump keeps in the fullspeed (seems to be that, because there's no way to control the pump via software). So the noise is very very loud when you are with the case on your desk. The guys in the internet have different setups of the pump pipes (positioning) like:

1 -
2 - Matrix 4090 weird noise(not the coils) : r/ASUS (

The both links below, they are top to bottom (the graphic card is pumping from the top to bottom). But mine, the card is lower than the fans pipe input, so in my case is bottom to top, like my CPU AIO Cooling, it's the same position (bottom to top).

Could you help me please?



Level 8

I have a similiar noise problem with my RTX 4090 Matrix. Video:!Akt4azbEXF1dguEvKhRDm0vgeDp0JQ?e=nOwHE2IMG_5058.MOV

I'm waiting since two months now for an replacement in Switzerland... No delivery date still. What's going on ASUS? @Aureliannn_ROG 

Hi @Sib3riX ,

we are currently investigating the issue internally. 

Please be patient, and thank you for your understanding.

Hi @Spezialeinheit ,

based on your response, may I confirm if you have already sent the graphics card for repair? 

Are you currently waiting for a replacement? 

If so, please provide the product serial number and RMA number via private message, and we will verify for you. 

Thank you.

I sent you the details via private message. Thank you 😊

You have an update about this pump and the deliverability problem? More and more people now have problems and we are waiting now two weeks for a statement?)

They will when 5090 release. Waiting almost a week for them to investigate something they can test in 10 seconds in ASUS HQ.

Any updates?

Level 8


same problem here. The pump noise is very loud on my Matrix (no CW). Is there any solution ? Do I need to do an RMA to resolve the problem ? Its very annoying.

Level 7

Has anyone been provided a solution yet? I’ve had this issue with my Strix Gaming 4090 OC Water Cooled card. Loud pump that’s loud from the point that you turn on the PC until you actually run the card hard, only stopping when you push the card and get it hot.  

Hi @Hawk3r83 

This thread is for the Matrix card. I would contact the service if you're experiencing issues with pump noise. If it's stopping after some time, could be an airlock.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Hello Silent_Scone,

I have a matrix card - the second one after the first one who had a VRAM problem (RMA + replacement).

I have tried to positionate the radiator in all the sens possible. But The noise is always the same.So i don't think its an air bubble problem.

What solution for me ? RMA ? new FW ? 2 cards at this price who have problems is unacceptable for me.

 I work on my PC all day+gaming and i need a solution. This noise disctract me all the time.