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RTX 4080 Super u-turn/pcie - Help Needed!

Level 7

Hi, i recently built a pc for the first time. i'm not super tech savvy, and am struggling with some issues. i got a rtx 4080 super gpu, which is extremely large in my case and doesnt allow me to plug my cables in from my psu and also close my case. therefore, ive been looking for suitable u-turn attachments to plug in to allow me to connect to my gpu and close my case. ive read in multiple places that you should only use cables that come with your psu, or you could cause some serious damage. i have a corsair RM850e psu, and have been looking for compatible u-turn pins that wont fry my computer.

ive found a few that look promising, but theyre all rated for 600w. im sure its dumb, but i was just wondering if im missing something and they are actually compatible!

additionally, i dont have enough pcie cables for my gpu, and have been using a "piggy tail" pcie cable to compensate for this as im encountering the same issue of finding compatible cables. ive noticed some serious performance issues, and was curious if the piggy tail cable may be the issue.

any help would be much appreciated!


Level 7

did you get anything figured out?? if so what did you use?? im curious myself, my brother is having this same issue, and he is considering going vertical mount on the gpu. i had to loan him my extra pcie cable to even test the gpu xD

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Hi @traddos 

Many companies have decided not to sell these due to constant revisions to the connector standard. If you look on Amazon some are available, though. Google 12HPWR 90 degree adapters.

Thermal Grizzly also make a product called WireView.

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