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ROG STRIX 4090 OC Edition - nvlddmkm and ASUS RMA

Level 9

Hello ASUS Fans

I purchased this card 30.01.2023 for crazy 2000+ € ! I installed this card like many my other old cards (but from EVGA) and what I saw first is screen flickering and then screen off after close any game or benchmark. At first I'm confused what the hell now happend? So I open Event Viewer for check what real happend and I meet first time with error - nvlddmkm. This error I never had in 7xx, 9xx, 1xxx or 2xxx series. I decided to sent card to ASUS RMA. After 30 days card she came back home with report - Cannot duplicate the symptom, RMA denied (RMA number for someone from ASUS - CZA1R42833). Strange report because card have in PC my friend too and too had same problem/error.

... so I mount card to PC, install drivers and everything looks nice. No errors after close game. I'm really happy. ASUS didn't make any changes on GPU or BIOS and problem is gone? Just wow.

... and fairy tale now ending. Next morning, I turning ON my PC. Then start standard programs like Discord, Telegram, Thunderbird, Steam, HWiNFO for monitoring temps and opening Chrome. After 2 maybe max 3 minutes screen start flickering like hell, then turn OFF, 10-20 secs is OFF and then she come back (ON) and I frozen watching what now happening. Sometime after 10-20 seconds this problem repeat. Screen flickering, screen OFF and the ON. Sometime this problem repeat 2x, 3x or 5x. Sometime Windows have problem restart drivers and whole system is stuck in loop flickering or black screen and then I must use only hard reset.

Summary: Nvlddmkm error after coming back from ASUS RMA isn't now after game close or benchmark but is after first cold boot whole PC.

What ASUS did on my card in real? Why is error occurrence in different situation? I saw differences on card when she came back like BIOS switch in position on NORMAL BIOS not OC BIOS and missing protective sticker on screw on backplate so they had to open it.

Then I sent the card to Germany ( to diagnostic (I wanted two different look on card). They analyzed this card 4 weeks because she had an error situation only 1x and they didn't know what this problem causes. They found one vRAM chip which had problem which changed for new. Card passed over 24 hour test but like I say up card don't have ( never) problems over load (gameplay or benchmark). Card came back yesterday. This morning I turn ON PC and what happening. Again same problem. 3 times in a row flickering, black screen = nvlddmkm error.

How to proceed now? Again RMA?

My config:
CPU: AMD 7950X3D
PSUSilverStone DA1000R Gold
RAMG.SKILL 32GB KIT DDR5 6000MHz CL30 Trident Z5 NEO RGB AMD EXPO (F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR)
OS: Win10 64bit 22H2 19045.3208
GPU: ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 4090 OC Edition 24GB GDDR6X
... if want more info just ask.

I'm tired from this ******y ASUS GPU. If would EVGA not ended with GPU I never buy GPU from ASUS!



Level 9

Here is log from today (HWiNFO) when I again had this error. Log have data first 5 minutes when I start PC. Problem when monitor start flickering and crashing drivers (black screen) start around 3rd minute.

Level 9

and here is video from today morning 🙂 lot of more crashes 🙂

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @bojerka 

May I ask how often and in what scenarios the issue occurs? Does it happen when running specific software or after a certain period of time, for example, after using the system for an hour?
Have you referred to [Graphics card]No display on the monitor or abnormality(crapped display)troubleshooting and clearing CMOS first?
Based on the provided RMA number, you have been experiencing BSODs along with error messages. Could you please confirm the following information?
- the GPU driver version and VBIOS version
- the current BIOS version and the images of the settings in BIOS
Have you tried clearing the CMOS and testing the system under the default BIOS settings to observe the display condition?
- connect the GPU with the monitor via HDMI or DP? Are you using the original cables provided with the GPU?
Have you done cross-testing with different connection methods?
- screen shot of the GPU Tweak III main page
- if the RAM is installed in the recommended slot in the X670E-E user manual?

Thank you.

Level 9

I saying happening allways after first cold boot (now) but not every day. Is not needed any specific software for this crash.
Your referral URL is for base problems. My problem is unique and any option won't help.
- current drivers v536.67 / vBIOS OC: 95.02.3C.00.60 / vBIOS STOCK: 95.02.3C.00.5F
- BIOS 1416 / stock settings, I don't do any changes in BIOS except EXPO profile but without EXPO activated problem with GPU persist.
- HDMI I don't using and HDMI not solving my problem if I want use DisplayPort cable
- I'm using only DisplayPort cable. I tested original cable for my monitor (Samsung G75T Odyssey G7 240Hz), UGreen DP cable and now have this cable:
- RAM is installed correctly in slots don't worry.

Problematic is testing now this GPU because before RMA I had this problem always when I closed the game. Now only on first cold boot (1x per day) but not every day. Sometimes it is 4 days quiet and on the 5th day the monitor is flickering like crazy. With this situation testing is not for day(s) but weeks maybe a month(s). What people they did in ASUS RMA do with this card I don't know. Report log is empty (didn't do anything) but that is a lie.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @bojerka 

According to the official website of the ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 4090 OC Edition 24GB GDDR6X, the currently released NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Drivers for Windows 10/11 64-bit version is V536.23, and the BIOS update tool version is v2.1, corresponding to versions
Could you please try installing the driver version from the official website?
Additionally, for the ROG STRIX X670E-E GAMING WIFI, the latest BIOS version released on 2023/7/24 is 1516.
We recommend updating to the latest BIOS version and clearing the CMOS before checking if the display crashing issue still occurs under default BIOS settings.

Thank you.

Level 9

Card changed over RMA. Done.

Did Asus replace your card? was it damaged? I am finding the same problem happening to me but I am not even using the card for anything taxing. Discord, Google Chrome and it will just go black screen and crash. I also get artifacts. I've done everything from reseating the card, making sure no cables are bent, updated bios, OS, all drivers (uninstalled and reinstalled) and nothing. Just wondering if going through the RMA process will actually mean they will give a new card. I only got it recently. I just want a card that works. sigh.

Level 9

They sent different card. Problematic is GPU Core.