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ROG 3080 tiGPU fan not turning off when idle.

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Hello everyone.Firs of all,  I apologize for my bad English. I have an Asus ROG 3080 Tİ GPU. Even though the 0DB feature of the card is turned on, the fans dont stop when the system is idle.%53 fan rules rotate steadily It is the latest version of BIOS. Whatever Ido works.IM waiting for your help, Thank you



Hello FaalZZers

With 0dB turned on, the fans should be off if the gpu temperature is below 50c and is drawing 50 watts or less.

The fans will come on when the gpu is 55c or higher or drawing 100 watts or more.

Check what temperature your gpu is and if it's drawing more than 100 watts.

You can check this with HWinfo. -

Click the pic to make it bigger.

GPU power and temp.png

GPU power and temp.png

The latest version of GPU Tweak III is - GPU Tweak III (

gpu tweak III





 It draws a mınımum of 55 W power when idle. From where ?


How is gpu temperature?

Are you asking for the download for GPU Tweak III

You can get it here. - GPU Tweak III (













gpu tweak 3 application is installed. Temperatres are 33-38 degrees at idle. Idle watt consumption 55-60 w. It does not accept the fan curve settings I made in the Tweak 3 application,the fans spin at a fixed speed of 53%. Under load, temperatures and fan speed rise normally


The specifications I gave you were for the 0dB fan function was from an updated GPU Tweak II, I thought the specifications and/or settings would have been the same for our gpu's.

Perhaps I have given you the wrong information. According to this they are different and is why your gpu fans are spinning.

GPU Tweak III.png






the program dosent matter, it runs at %53 at idle.ıncludıng MSI afterburner 


55w - 60w for idle wattage seems a little high to me, considering my ROG Strix 3090 ti idle wattage is roughly 25 watts. I would expect yours to be around that or a little lower.

If you can get the idle wattage lower, the fans should stop spinning.

Do you have any programs running that use the gpu or is some background task putting a slight load on your 3080 ti?

Check your gpu usage in GPU Tweak III, at idle mine shows 0%.

It might be worthwhile to update the Nvidia driver to 551.86 which is the latest.

gpu usage.png




Ekran görüntüsü 2024-03-31 014629.png

please help 😕