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Registered activity - Not deal with yet

Level 7

I cant get the code of diablo 4. Help me pls :((


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Thang123 

May I ask if you participated in the BUY ASUS GEFORCE RTX 40 SERIES* GET DIABLO IV® BUNDLE event but were unable to register successfully?
As registration information involves personal data, please check the top right corner of the screen and kindly share the details requested in the PM inbox.

Thank you!

I have this exact same issue. I registered my new 4080 and uploaded the receipt and all it has said is "Registered activity - Not deal with yet"

Level 7

I have same problem... "Registered activity - Not deal with yet"

I've tried contacting Blizzard but won't hold my breath. These sorts of promotions aren't worth it, they make it so hard to claim the code so that you give up. 

Will post an update if ASUS actually progress the activity. 

I just have my code 1 or 2 day ago. Just email them, give them ur VAT bill

I did email them

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Phroste and @murcho 

According to the GeForce Experience Coupon Code Redemption FAQ, the issuance of the code may take approximately 14 days. Therefore, it is possible that you will need to wait for the process to be completed.
However, if you still have concerns, please kindly share your name, contact details, serial number, and service reference number with me via PM, as it is quite inappropriate to disclose personal information in the public comment section.
Furthermore, if there are any receipts, purchase proofs, or photos/documents that need to be sent, please use the "Drag and drop here or browse files to attach" section at the bottom of the PM conversation to send them.

Thank you.

I spoke with chat support 5 times today and I sent an email to with my name, country, serial, ppid and screenshot of my receipt/invoice. None of them could/would help me. As a matter of fact a couple kept trying to get me to redeem from nvidia even though I sent them the asus link for redemption. I eventually gave up and told the last guy this was going to be my last Asus purchase as support has been going downhill lately 

Im in VietNam and they support me very well. Have u try calling them. This could take 7-14 days so we have to wait, sad

I’m not waiting 2 weeks for something shouldnt take more than 24hr MAYBE 48…it’s literally just verifying your serial and date of purchase. They even knew there were going to be issues before hand because they listed an alternate way to redeem that also doesn’t work. It’s already been 6 days. I’m just going to buy the game and move on from Asus products going forward.