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"Product registration failed: product is already registered" SECOND HAND, Third party owner

Level 7

ASUS 3090 2nd hand 3090 but "asus serial number already registered

Today , an email notification " A reply to a topic you are following has been accepted as a solution! "  first impression WOW  the ROG team had found a solution.

Available Product information for ASUS 3090    :  Packaging + Prroduct // no invoice or receipt  [already tried back tracking to original owners through original retail store--->owner1 registration info not possible--->owner2 no official documentation were kept after sales---> owner3 Myselfbut............ unsuccessful]

Category: Secondhand owner

My feedback  : The retail store policy would not undisclosed or contact the 1st owner as they pointed out that it's ROG responsibility as ROG holds all the information of the registration.

1. ROG can easily send the email to the registered owner on the system to verify if still owns the product or not.  

2. If proof that the product was indeed with the new owner, pictures of physical products are in concern currently on this PC compared to products registered on ROG registration.

Owning a group of ROG, ASUS products was a cult following-driven decision and also the trust in the brand. ROG should consider updating on how to support these open discussions.  With this feedback, it should be able to support many owners that have similar issues. 

Attached are CAPS of Armoury Crate to point out that the ROG team holds all the information, and there are ways to support and provide the best customer experience possible.



Below are references for other users that may have the issue

ROG response. : ‎05-16-2023

To ensure the rights and data security of users, we will assist in canceling the registration of the original product.
(1) The original registered member account and product invoice certificate
(if there is no information about the previous registrant or original purchase invoice, please provide relevant screenshots of the previous user's product registration page)
(2)Your member account email.



I apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Due to personal data protection regulations, we need to verify the relevant information. If you need any other assistance, please feel free to let me know. Thank you.


original post :  05-12-2023 09:01 PM