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NIghtmare with ASUS RMA Dept. DO NOT TRUST

Level 7

I recently started an RMA for my ROG Strix RTX 3080 and was sent a replacement that didnt work. I have had the replacement GPU that ASUS RMA  that doesnt work and have been in contact with ASUS Support 4-5 times already being promised to be sent a shipping label to send GPU back and keep having to contact them because no label is sent and keep getting told that my case is being escalated. They tell me to expect the label by the end of the day then never hear back. I have to keep reaching out to support and no one can help. This whole situation is turning into a nightmare and mostly never using ASUS products again after this. Have never had such a hard time getting just even ok support. 


Level 8

My name is Adrian from the ASUS Customer Loyalty Team here at our North America Corporate Office. If you would allow it, I would be more than glad to help provide a resolution to this case. Please PM or email me with the below details so I can work with related personnel to get this straightened out.

Product S/N:
RMA #:
Complete Shipping Address:
Full name:

My email is

Thank you for reaching out, I have sent you an email with all the info. 

How is this progressing? I just received a replacement for my 2 week old 4090 that looks beatup and scratched, I'm curious as to how ASUS is handling your case.

So I received another "repurposed" card from ASUS( in slightly better condition than last card sent) and am still having problems with loud fan noises/coil whine and a lot of stuttering and stuff when gaming and temps go up around 80 degrees. Made sure all cables were connected and drivers are updated so not too sure what the issue could be. May have got another faulty card from ASUS, not sure why they can't just send a new card instead of continuing to send used cards that are not fully tested back out. Could possibly be these cards just don't run great?