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New RTX4090 OC is crashing, Flickering, and Blue Screens. Asus Replacement is Old, Scratched, Dirty

Level 7


I acquired a new ASUS STRIX RTX4090 to upgrade from an ASUS STRIX RTX4080 that I intended to give to my son. After installing the RTX4090, I encountered issues with the screen flickering and turning off and on intermittently. Blue screens kept appearing with errors related to nvlddmkm, igccservice, and other GPU-related crashes. I reached out to Asus and explained the situation. The representative was helpful and quickly diagnosed a potential GPU hardware fault. They suggested an advanced RMA service where ASUS would place a hold for 2k and send me a new card. I could then return the faulty card, and they would release the hold. Initially, I was impressed by ASUS's service.

The replacement card arrived promptly, although it was left at my door despite the shipping indicating a signature requirement (a strike against FedEx). Upon opening the package, I found the $2300.00 GPU inside a plain white box with minimal packaging. The card was wrapped in an antistatic bag with only two thin foam pads. Disappointingly, upon opening the antistatic bag, I discovered an old GPU covered in scratches with a bent metal bracket. My current faulty GPU, in contrast, is flawless. As an enthusiast with a full ROG Strix build comprised entirely of ASUS components, this situation is unacceptable. Spending over $2300 on a new card for it to turn out to be faulty then ASUS sending me a replacement that resembles a unit that has seen years of use, undermines my confidence in ASUS.

I have initiated a case to address this issue and hope ASUS will rectify the situation by sending me a brand new card, as per my purchase. I did not invest in a used card and refuse to accept a used unit from ASUS as a replacement for a two-week-old purchase.

Best Regards,

Dr. Dmitriy Voronin PhD



Customer Service Agent

Hi @dimav09 ,

we're really sorry to hear about the issue you're facing. 

Could you please provide your product serial number and RMA number via private message? 

Additionally, if you have any photos of the packaging of the graphics card when you received it, it would be helpful to provide those for our reference. 

Are you experiencing any issues with the graphics card currently whether it can works normally?

Thank you.