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New Rog4090 doesnt work after i purchese!!!factory

Level 7

So i got this graphic card on Feb.  since the major game that i play is naraka(relied on CPU and memory) i didn't really find any difference compare my old gpu(3090ti tuf). 

it is until i start to play cyberPK 2077 and anime party, my computer just immediately shut down and restart. then i start to looking into the problem. 

I tried updating bios to the latest version. Then reinstall.
After that I overclocked my cpu and memory. Every time after overclocking and running TM5, R23 is fine. Perfect.
As a result, the game crashed and crashed as soon as I started playing the game. This is driving me crazy, because I repeatedly adjust, but the test is normal, but the actual game reports an error.
So I thought there was something wrong with my 13700k, so I bought a 14600k and overclocked it. All functions were normal. As a result, I restarted directly when I was playing the game.
So, I decided to test the GPU (just got it 1 month ago).
I use FurMark to test, so as soon as I open it, my computer will be forced to shut down.
After many tests, even if the bios is set to default (not overclocked), the GPU will restart as soon as it is tested.
This shows that the problem with my computer is not the CPU and memory.
Today I installed my 3090ti for the same test, but there was no problem! ! I performed aida64's fup and furmark's gpu stress test at the same time. works perfect.
I can't believe that the rog 4090 graphics card I bought from Amazon's asus brand had problems from the beginning.
I also wasted several weeks troubleshooting and replacing computers.
What needs to be emphasized is that I have never done any overclocking or settings on the GPU. I have only installed a graphics card. My power supply is 1000w.
I almost ran out to buy a power supply today. Fortunately I was too lazy to go out and chose to take the 3090ti out of my storage.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @tuan05 ,

based on your issue, does the issue only occur when playing CyberPK 2077 and Anime Party, or does it happen during regular use as well?
We need detailed information and a video(the restart issue occurs after playing games.) for analysis. 

Please kindly provide the following information: motherboard/CPU/DRAM/HDD/PSU models, graphics card serial number, and BIOS/VBIOS version.
Is your graphics card driver the latest version 551.61 from the official website? 

ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 4090 OC Edition 24GB GDDR6X | Graphics Card | ASUS Global

Please provide a complete set of GPU-Z parameters (as shown in the image below). 

Please refer to the link below. 

[Graphic Card] ASUS GPU Tweak III Introduction | Official Support | ASUS Global

Thank you.


I can memorize the name of this driver. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it countless times. Always install the latest version.
My power supply is ROG 1000w thro 2 EVA and my motherboard is ROG Z690.
At first, I just played cypk and anime party, and it frequently restarted (when I started the game, or restarted it after playing for a while). So I was annoyed to death, so I started trying to solve it.
After I updated the bios, I found that it didn't work according to the previous overclocking parameters. So I kept lowering my overclock frequency. Then the following cycle appears: TM5, R 27 runs, stable, normal and stable.
I only overclocked the CPU and Memory. When I open Naraka, it crashes. So I lowered. The test passed, but the game crashed again when I opened it.
I also reinstalled the system from win11 to win10.
So I blamed the problem on my CPU-13700, which may have been damaged due to improper overclocking for the first time. I changed to a CPU-14600. Then the test was perfect. After entering the game, the computer restarted.
I spent several hundred on overclocking experts for the entire overclocking process.
Neither he nor I initially thought it was a GPU problem, we always thought it was a CPU problem. As a result, when I changed the CPU, the initial phenomenon still occurred, so we had to focus on the GPU. So we conducted the gpu FurMark stress test.
The first time, just shut down and restart.
The second time we retested the CPU, it worked perfect. Then we test the FPU and it works perfect.
Then we test the FPU and perform the GPU Stress test at the same time, and immediately trun off.
We changed the BIOS to default (not overclocked) for the third time, with the same result.

For the fourth test, I took out my 3090ti tuf ASUS and performed the above operations without any problems. Testing the GPU and FPU simultaneously can also last for an hour.


helo, i response in the below