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Live Chat support is a joke & I'm just done with ASUS

Level 9

This $1,400 Strix 4080 card I just purchased? Ya, I'm returning it and exchanging it for a MSI or Gigabyte or whoever else that isn't ASUS....all over a free copy of a $100 game...petty? maybe, but given the level of support I've dealt with...entirely warranted and satisfying in doing so. However, I'm also going to say my piece while doing it.

I've ALWAYS bought ASUS/ROG products from monitors, to graphics cards and motherboards. However, this one stupid little promo for a free copy of Diablo 4 is what has broken me. I've dealt with online support AT LEAST 5 times trying to get this redeemed. I've even emailed them a copy of my receipt, my Serial#, PPID# etc. One live chat support agent argued with me that I needed to redeem my free game through NVIDIA...EVEN AFTER I sent them the link to the ASUS site where you redeem your serial number for your free copy.

Another Agent just transferred me to the online store support in the middle of a conversation with no warning, for what I assume was they just did not want to deal with the situation. Which they of course told me they couldn't help me and would be happy to transfer me back into the support queue

The others were basically sorry not sorry...just wait and see

If you have a promo going and the automated redemption system is broken and not working...& the backup system you put in place as a precaution when the first one fails isn't should probably have some sort of game plan with your front line support system

Have I received an emails when I tried redeeming through the website? NOPE....did I receive a response when I sent all the needed info to the support email address I was given to have it resolved? NOPE

If ASUS is wondering why they are being drug through the mud in the media and PC builder community right now...they should probably take a hard look at their utter lack of support. 


Level 11

So, you spent $1400.00 to play a $100.00 game?

Quote: “all over a free copy of a $100 game”.

Wait, there’s more! Spend $1400 and we’ll give you a free $100 game.

Yep, run away fast when you read or hear “Glittering Generalities”.

Forrest Gump running like a wind scene. Run, Forrest Run. - YouTube the mark, but I'm not really surprised, as I expected it here but voiced my opinion anyway.

I spent $1,400 on a card because I wanted/needed a 4080. I CHOSE the Strix 4080 over MSI/Giga because it's all I've ever purchased for years and they had the promo for a free $100 game that I also happened to be interested in. 

My complaint ISN'T about the game...I mean sure if you just glance at the surface of the complaint without using any semblance of critical thinking I can see how you get stuck on that. If I can spend $1,400 on a card, $100 on the game isn't going to break me.

No, I'm taking issue with the utter lack of support in redeeming their current promo and not just the support, but the complete lack of giving a crap about helping AT the point they will even argue with you about having to redeem it elsewhere even when given a link ON THEIR SITE showing how to redeem it from them

Nope! No support from live chat.

Wrong tree.jpg

Redemption instructions:  ASUS EventSite

Did you email the documents to: for redemption issues?

Did you wait 5 to 10 days to receive your code? Then once you get a code redeem your code through NVIDIA GeForce Experience.'s almost like I said I did all of that already in my original post....

Level 10

I know this doesn't help, but you have my sympathies. 😞
Having gone through something similar at a different company, I understand how frustrating it is to get blown off for something that was promised as part of a contract.

Have a Good One! 😎

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Phroste 

As per the reply to your comment on another post, since registration information contains personal data, I kindly request that you provide me with your name, contact details, serial number, and service reference number via PM.
Furthermore, if there are any receipts, purchase proofs, or photos/documents that need to be sent, please use the "Drag and drop here or browse files to attach" section at the bottom of the PM conversation to send them.

Thank you.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Phroste 

I have responded to your PM message and would appreciate your help in verifying and confirming it.

Thank you.

responded to your response