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HDMI 2.1 even more broken on 2022 xg mobile.

Level 7

Hoping support sees this, 

The 2022 xg mobile HDMI has always been finicky to get to work either directly with my 4k 120hz tv or through my 8k capable avr, but after the recent rollout of amd 31.0.22017.3004 driver and adrenalin 23.10.2 it will not work at all. Even if I am able to trick it into displaying over 2.1 it raises the color space to 10bit vs 8bit but still only allows 60hz for all resolutions, even 1080p. Freesync is also unavailable across the board even though I have a freesync hdmi 2.1 display. As I said it has worked before, though the xg mobile connection issues have always been wonky, it only has gotten worse. Over display port it has always worked just fine but they need to fix the HDMI side for use on TVs and home theater systems.