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geforce experience problem with install

Level 8


i have a big problem with installation of geforce experience, i cant install it because during the process appears info about problem of installation and all have stopping

i have tried to install it after clear all files with nvidia cleanup tool, i have uninstall also eset anyvirus program, and asus armory crate, but it doesnt help, i also have tried to install it in safe mode but in this mode it cant to install geforce expierience modul only drives

i have dont any idea what to do,

i have windows 11 pro and asus rog rtx 4090 matrix platinum, 

help me ! if sb can .. without geforce experience i cant register my code for alan wake 2 which i got buying rtx 4090 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @rosecki ,

based on your issue, may I ask whether you mean after you install the graphics card the system cannot operate normally?
Did the monitor shows any image?
Please confirm you connect the graphic card correctly.
May ask which motherboard you're currently using?
Have you try disable all the antivirus software to confirm whether the issue persist?
Have you make sure that all the driver is at the latest version?
It is suggest that you can check event viewer to see if there's any error messege.
Also, could you kindly provide the graphic card serial number to me via private messege?
Thank you.

at last i have installled geforce expierience but when i  installed clear new system windows 11pro and before install all programs first of all armory crate, eset antivirus  after it when i install this  programs i have tried  to install new patch geforce drivers (GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 546.08  for better perfomance alan wake 2),  and the problem appeared again.. i dont see any sense to install quite new system all time if i want to install new nvidia drivers   i have asus maximus z790 dark hero motherboard, all drivers are at the latest versionbesides of it my system and comp is very  stable so far (i9 14900k, 2x24 corsair dominator titanium 7200 mhz,  asus rog ryujin iii 360 argb, asus rog-thor-1200p2, asus rog rtx 4090 matrix platinum,  2TB Corsair MP700 ssd pcie 5.0)