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DX12 games crashing on startup using fullscreen

Level 7

i just built my new pc with specs of RTX 4090  7950X3D and 32gb RAM 5600mhz CL36. I noticed that in games like RDR2 i get startup crashes sometimes when i try to launch the game on max settings and full screen and DX12, not even in the game itself just as soon as i load in to the menu where i choose if i wanna play story or online, it gives me an error saying ERR_DEFERRED_MEM and says im out of memory. here is my crash log for rdr2 attachment_crashcontext.log . when i launch it in Vulkan works fine and when i launch it on DX12 but not fullscreen it also works fine. Cyberpunk does also crash every now and then on startup. here is one of the crash logs gpucrash-2024-01-05_00.33.03.177.log . keep in mind that so far i didnt say anything about in game crashes cuz they are non existent so far. cyberpunk did crash one time when i set it to full screen as well. i noticed that when i closed msi afterburner and rivatuner all games worked perfectly fine and never crashed, ill still confirm that but so far i tested launching rdr2 on dx12 fullscreen without them and it launched perfectly fine and as soon as i launch rdr2 with rivatuner and afterburner it would crash giving the same error. I tried CS2 worked perfectly fine even with msi afterburner and rivatuner, apex worked fine too, COD warzone also worked fine. Fortnite crashed one time when i also set the game to fullscreen dx12. I tried DDU and reinstalling windows i also tried an older version of rivatuner and msi afterburner but still, no fix and im not sure what to do next, i was afraid that the gpu might be faulty but i ran a superposition test for like 2 hours and ran just fine also furmark ran fine 3dmark timespy ran just fine as well. These issues werent there on my older 3080 build, i dont have it right now so i cant switch GPUs or anything really, im on windows 11 pro i was thinking of doing a clean reinstall again but this time switching to win 10 pro. my display is 240hz 1440p gsync g7 odyssey (i tried gsync off, didnt work), my secondary display is a 1080p 144hz mag241c from MSI. Please i want to know to do because if there is something wrong i can rma it asap, please keep in mind that like i said in games the frames and everything is perfect it just those occasional startup crashes on dx12 fullscreen and especially when using rivatuner apparently. i am not using any OC on anything except XMP, i also have prefer cache enabled in bios.