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BIOS update for ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 24GB GDDR6X White OC Edition

Level 8


I checked for a bios/firmware update for my card model, and only the Black color model of the card has a BIOS/FIRMWARE update to download

Page of the black version of the card:
Page of the white version of the card:

I'm having flickering / black screen with my 4090 OC white, and wanted to update de BIOS to check if it fixes, but my White model don't have BIOS/FIRMWARE update just the Black version, why? can i use the Black version BIOS donwload?

Have a good day.


Level 7

My BRAND NEW ROG Strix 4090 OC White has the same issue.   It'll eventually crash  nvlddmkm  and the whole computer.    It managed to crash my SSD to the point I had to reinstall Win 11 from scratch. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Brucis @Jason335i ,

thank you for your inquiry. 

Regarding the BIOS issue, we are currently coordinating with our backend team for confirmation. 

Concerning the black screen flickering problem, could you provide more detailed information about the scenario? 

Have you tried using different signal cables to see if the issue persists? If you switch to a different graphics card, does the flickering problem still occur? 

When did the issue first start happening? Have you tried using a different monitor for testing? 

Please provide a video showing the abnormal behavior for our reference. 

Additionally, could you please provide the motherboard model, OS version, graphics card settings, type of signal cable used for connection, and BIOS version? Also, please send the product serial number of your current graphics card via private message. 

Thank you.

Hi @Brucis ,

after confirmation from our backend team, the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 24GB GDDR6X OC Edition (Black) has released a VBIOS update to resolve the ECC couldn't be enabled issue. 

The white version does not have this problem. We do not recommend updating drivers or BIOS versions for products other than your own to avoid any potential errors. 

You can refer to the diagram below for clarification. 

Regarding the black screen flickering issue with your graphics card, have you downloaded the latest driver 551.61 from the official website? 

ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 24GB GDDR6X White OC Edition | Placas Gráficas | ROG Portugal (

We need detailed information and a video for analysis. Please kindly provide the following information: motherboard/CPU/DRAM/HDD/PSU models, graphics card serial number (via private messege), and BIOS version. 

Thank you.

I too am having issues, games seem to just disappear to the desktop with no errors,  My windows 11 desktop will go black, except for the mouse pointer and start menu.  This is a brand new system.   I am on driver 551.86 game ready.

Are the drivers you linked to just stock, or are they written specifically for the Strix 4090 OC white ?