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ROG Strix 4080 OC Edition

Hi, I bought an ROG Strix 4080 OC Edition and I'm wondering, how I can apply the OC Mode, so that it stays on all the time also after a restart or isn't this possible?I know you can choose it in the GPU Tweak III but after a restart it is again in th...


What is the point of advertising this? You cannot find one for sale anywhere. They only make enough to send to the reviewers?   It just more vaporware.  I want to buy one.  Have the cash.  Where is it?

Rargo by Level 7
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Question on 4090 Matrix GPU

Could the non-nickel-plated radiator base due to the liquid metal cause problems over time and what is the reason why Asus did not nickel-plate the cioldplate?

Holzi by Level 8
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Resolved! Strix 4090 OC - Power draw & 0dB fan issues

I've recently acquired a Strix 4090 OC, and I can't get the 0dB fan feature to work under any condition.From official ASUS response in similar topics I've found that:According to confirmation from relevant departments, the conditions that need to be ...

Screenshot 2023-09-12 174644.png

ROG Strix 4070TI code 97

Hello~Sorry I'm using Google Translate my English sucksSometimes the boot will be stuck at code 97. I need to turn off the power and turn it on again to get it back to normal. Both the system operation and the game play are normal when the boot occur...

Asus Strix 4090 OC Artifacts on Boot/Bios

Having issues with the Strix 4090 OC I have it is showing artifacts on boot and in bios but not when windows shows up in windows its fine but it just displays artifacts when booting/bios do i have a bad card or motherboard possibly? I enabled csm in ...

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Resolved! 7900 XTX DEAD

Hi,I bought an ASUS Radeon RX 7900 XTX reference model about 6 months ago, and it's completely broken. It does not play any game. It always had issues, but at this point it is completely dead. I don't think this is covered by ASUS warranty. Do I have...