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Rog 4070ti noise

Hello! Bought recently a new Rog 4070Ti (OC edition) and faced a terrible coil whine, its more then whine - like scream from my PC case. Additional to this the fans make some strange noise, expecially when run more than 1000 RPM  - i've check fans wi...

Alan Wake 2 - no code yet

Hey,Bought a new notebook studiobook 16 HJ7604JI and it was part of the Alan Wake 2 deal.So I'm supposed to receive a code since I bought the product on 12th of November 2023.Didnt receive anything yet and when asking the ASUS support, they refuse to...

Raithel by Level 7
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Alan Wake 2 - Not receiving code

Hi, I'm waiting for my Alan Wake 2 code for 2 weeks. I bought it in Amazon and they are not being helpful to fix the issue, asking me to contact ASUS.I'm trying to contact somebody in ASUS but no luck. Can somebody help me here? Thanks

Resolved! Alan Wake 2 Event - "No Code Yet"

Hi , need your help, the redemption instructions are not clear and/or are incomplete. I have registered the 4070ti (from an eligible supplier in AUS) with Asus. I have also tried to email and nothing. Thanks for your help your help...

adogl by Level 7
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GPU Tweak III Hard locks PC

I am having the exact same problem this user is having: GPU Tweak III Hard freezes my PC - Republic of Gamers Forum - 959945 ( issue has been going for a while and I cannot use GPU Tweak III app at all. It seems to be only working under ...

RTX 4090 TUF OC Qled behavior

Good day, I noticed the following behavior with my RTX 4090 TUF OC.After the POST runs normally and all Qled's are displayed, the VGA Qled switches on after the successful start and remains active.However, it does not glow white as described in the m...