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4090 Strix Blackscreening on Desktop

Hello,I am one of those people whose 4090 is blackscreening on idle.I dont get crashes in games or anything, but on desktop it happens almost every day. Somteimes it's short blackscreens, sometimes it crashes fully with crashing the display driver.I ...

SsX1337 by Level 9
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Diablo 4 Redemption Issue

I bought an eligble DUAL RTX-4070 card within the promotion date for the Diablo 4 event, however I'm still not getting any proper follow up from ASUS as initially when I tried to register for the event, it told me my key was already redeemed! How can...

ezql94 by Level 7
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Resolved! Diablo 4 redemption issues

I bought an Asus TUF 4080 OC from a local reseller here in Australia (Scorptec/scorpion technology) on the 19th of May and after keying the details of the card, uploading the receipt, I received an email saying that the card was ineligible for the Di...

Keljian by Level 7
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The VGA card is not supported by UEFI driver

Hello, whenever i try to boot up my pc with  my asus rtx 3050 it comes  up with "The VGA card is not supported by UEFI driver". But then when i boot up  with my asus 1060  it boots up perfectly fine, i have  an  asus PRIME H310-PLUS with an intel i7-...

Diablo key code

Hello, I have still not received my Diablo key code that I was promised after purchasing my 4090 graphics card, could I please have some help