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Audio Cutting Out via HDMI

Level 7

6750 XT OC

P8Z77-V Pro

i7 3770k

16gb Ram

880w PSU

Windows 10 Pro

was previously running a RX 480, but I’m using a 55 LG TV for my monitor.  I’m not too concerned about response times and such, I’m a casual gamer, SnowRunner, Truck Sims, etc so all I’m after is a smooth no issues gaming experience.

The previous card was ok, but struggled now due to the TV’s recommended resolution.

I use the removal utility to uninstall all driver even though they’re the same, and reinstalled Adrenaline.

I’m getting frequent sound drop outs with the occasional full system crash when playing SnowRunner and ETS.

EDIT: Sound Dropping out watching YouTube also.

Machine hangs occasionally on restart.

Ideally I know I could do with a new Motherboard and Processor, but money is tight and I’m not playing AAA titles so according to benchmarks prior to getting the new GPU I should be more than fine.

Should I have done a clean install?

My PC is only for games, so only has Steam, Epic and EA installed apart from what comes with Motherboard.

Would appreciate any help for a trouble free experience, thanks in advance.



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Scoptimus_Prime 

May I ask if you are experiencing audio loss after changing the graphics card?
We recommend cross-testing the DP cable or HDMI port, as well as using higher-quality cables, which may improve the situation.
If possible, we also suggest cross-testing with another motherboard to confirm the problem of crashing when rebooting, as it could be a hardware capability problem between the motherboard and GPU.

Thank you.

Thanks for the Reply.

I had no loss at all with the RX 480.

However I changed the cable and port of the HDMI to no avail, I’ve since disabled the HDMI audio and now using speakers and touch wood there’s been no crashes thus far,

I haven’t got another Motherboard to test on.

I have downloaded some stress test apps and had them running for a while, my machine sounded like it was going to take off, yet it passed everything.

with this being game specific I think I am going to opt for a full system wipe and fresh install, then I'll report back any issues.

In the meantime, can any mod from Asus / Rog confirm that my Motherboard / GPU are compatible?

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Scoptimus_Prime 

After verification, it has been established that the P8Z77-V Pro model was launched around 2012.
Due to hardware limitations, we may encounter challenges in providing compatibility assurance with graphics cards released in the past two years.
Furthermore, for security reasons, we recommend that you carefully consider subjecting the motherboard to excessive workloads.

Thank you.

When I did my full system wipe, I set the Motherboard to Standard instead of Turbo mode, and left the GPU at normal instead of Gaming mode.

I have over 8 hours on SnowRunner without any issues, as I mentioned previously I’m a casual gamer and want stability over performance which I now seem to have, so don’t unsure if it was the fresh install or lower Motherboard and GPU modes, but it’s not worth the risk in tinkering to find out.

Thanks for your input.