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ASUS sent me a bent GPU that has the same issues as the GPU i sent

Level 7

Last month (January,15) my RX 6800 XT started having some issues, black screen after opening any game, windows disabling the drivers, won't post, VGA led on. I contacted Asus USA RMA, so i sent my GPU with this RMA USPCS12526.

On Jan 30 they sent me a replacement, it arrived on Feb 2. the first thing i noticed is that the GPU was all beat up and bent. anyway i tried to make it run in my PC but i faced the same issues, black screen, windows disabled drivers again and after some hard restarts it won't post and VGA led on.

i contacted ASUS RMA, the agent suggested to send the replacement GPU back to ASUS so i did. with this RMA USPCS20303.

first of all this new RMA had wrong serial number(serial number of my GPU instead of replacement GPU). A couple of days after fixing the issue with the serial number Asus sent me an email that the GPU is ok and that they are going to send the GPU back to me i asked to be contacted but still waiting they to call me.

Now i don't know what to do, this make me think that my GPU was ok and that they didn't event tested it properly or that the replacement GPU has the same problem but Asus doesn't want to sent me another GPU. it seems that now i'm stuck with that beat up and bent GPU that didn't work on my PC




Level 7

This a photo of the replacement GPUIMG_20240202_125918.jpg