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ASUS RTX 4070 Ti ROG STRIX OC Crashing

Level 7

Hi Dear Staffs & Users.
My System Config Is : Mb Asus B760 Plus D4 - Cpu i5 13500 - Ram x2 16GB 3200 - Pwr MSI MAG A850GF.
My Graphic Card Was Palit RTX 3090 GameRock . with my last graphic ( 3090 ) my system worked very well and without any problem.
After upgrading to ASUS RTX 4070Ti STRIX OC my system in heavy games crashes and game closing automatically.Also in 3D Mark In Stress test ( Speed Way ) keeps crashing...After this problems i set core clock and memory clock to The lowest possible state but problem sttill exists.then i apply power limit from 100 to 84% problem solved . why must be like that ?! where is the problem ? 
i using a cable that have 3 input of 8pins to 16pin ( included in box ) . 


Customer Service Agent

hI @OptixMag ,

based on your issue, may I inquire whether you have update the graphic driver to the latest version?

Overheating can cause a decrease in GPU performance and lead to system freezes. 

Have you confirmed that your graphics card cooling system is operating normally? 

Have you used GPU Tweak III to adjust the card's performance and cooling? 

[Graphic Card] ASUS GPU Tweak III Introduction | Official Support | ASUS Global

Have you verified that the power supply meets the requirements of the graphics card? 

It's also recommended to try cross-testing with another graphics card to see if the problem can be eliminated. 

Additionally, please provide your graphics card product serial number via private message. 

Thank you.

Graphic driver is : 551.86-desktop-win10-win11-64bit-international-dch-whql
Gpu are not under overheating . while crashing Core temp is : 65 - Hot spot : 75 - Memory temp : 70
Graphic's cooling system operating normaly.
Gpu Tweak III installed & graphic card profile applied to default mode.
i do not know power supply meets the requirements of the graphics card & you must say it . Pwr Mode: MSI MAG A850GF
power does not have new output cable that called ( 16 pin ) . i use the cable that convert 16 pin to x3 8Pins ( included in gpu box ).
Another card are ok like my past video card ( Palit rtx 3090 24G GameRock ).

The serial Number of card sent to your pv.