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Asus Rog Strix 1080ti pulsing red upon startup and no monitors working.

Level 7

Been a crazy week trying to upgrade certain components in my PC.  Quite a few things happened so I will get them in order. 

I went to upgrade my ryzen 2700x -> 7900x.

Bought asus B650E-F gaming wifi MoBo with DDR5 ram and a new 1k gold PSU.

Got everything installed and voila everything worked amazing except for one small issue.  My CPU aio cooler was running at 100% and I could not adjust.  Took the wiring out and found that I forgot to plug in a cable.  Plugged it in and turned it on and the cpu cooler worked.

Then upon start up my NVME m.2 went corrupt.  Installed 2 new m.2s Gen 4, knowing that I needed to do a fresh windows instal then recover all my files through one drive.

After installing the new m.2s, upon start up my asus rog strix 1080ti immediately starts pulsing red and will not connect to any of my 3 monitors.  I have 2 monitors connected via DP, and the 3rd connected via HDMI.  I tried all 3, I tried 1 at a time with all ports, and nothing.  I then ran a monitor through the MoBo Display port so I could install windows/update bios/update driver/recover my files from my last NVME, and none of those things fixed it. 

The GPU still pulses red and still does not connect to the monitors.  

For 1 week I had no issue gaming hard on this PC with the new CPU, PSU, MOBO, and ram.  Other than the cable I forgot to plug in on the CPU air cooler. 

The red light is not 2x8 connectors from the PSU.  Those lights are white, the whole GPU is slowly pulsing red.  I can't find anywhere in the manual or on the internet that explains this.




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Bloodgeon .

May I inquire whether your graphics card is installed in the PCIEX16_1 or PCIEX16_2 slot of the ROG STRIX B650E-F GAMING WIFI motherboard? Is the M.2_3 slot occupied?
We recommend keeping only the CPU, CPU radiator fan, and a single DRAM installed on the motherboard. Test with minimal components to isolate the possible cause initially.
Please clear the CMOS or cross-test with another GPU if necessary.

Thank you.