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4090 Strix Blackscreening on Desktop

Level 9


I am one of those people whose 4090 is blackscreening on idle.
I dont get crashes in games or anything, but on desktop it happens almost every day. 

Somteimes it's short blackscreens, sometimes it crashes fully with crashing the display driver.

I have a brandnew top highend system. I read about other people whose 4090 did the same. I didn't test setting performance mode to high performance which fixed this for some people (i dont want my card to run 60+w in idle). I have of couse installed the latest firmware.

This problem is getting kinda frustrating, it's not like the pc is borderline unusable, but sometimes i sit around somewhere and see the monitor going black in a 30 seconds interval, i would rather have this gone. 

Is there a conclussion what causes this (i know it can be lot of things, but other people had the same thing happen so...)?
I will test high performacne mode today, but i am not happy.... 

System Specs:
X670E Hero
Gskill DDR5 6000 Neo 
4090 Strix
MSI MPG a1000g PSU


Thanks alot


Level 9

To anybody reading in the future:

I got a tip from somewhere else and I did the following:

Disable PCIE ASPM in BIOS (X670E)
Force at least 30% Fancurve in Afterburner

Had my PC running in idle for over 12 hours without a blackscreen/driver crash. Card clocks down as normal.
Much better fix then running the Card at Maximum Power.