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0dB Mode Not Working - Strix 4090 OC

Level 7

So I just bought Strix 4090 OC, performance, temperature, build quality... everything great...


The 0 dB mode which is advertised all over the marketing materials, is actually not working on Strix 4090 OC. 

First thing I did, I checked the forums and people with the same problem, and it seems like everybody across the board has problem with 0dB mode on Asus card, because of the minimum temperature is not the only thing keeping the fans running, but also the power consumption of the card. SO even when you run 25C on your card, if you are consuming more than 55W, fans will not go below 30% which is around 1000 RPM no matter what you do. Now, this will happen most likely when you run 2 high end monitors, which even when in desktop will run 240Hz and probably 4K.

So I did the test myself as well, I am running 1x 4K HDR 240 Hz monitor + 1x FHD 144Hz monitor, when both are connected, GPU is 60-70W and fans are spinning ALL THE TIME above 30%. I unplug the 4K monitor, card goes to around 20W and after a while card switches to 0dB. 

So I recorded everything on a video, made a screenshots, documented all the PC parts, went over all the service desk bureaucracy in Asus to help them fix their VBIOS and this is where it gets ALL FUNNY...

The official answer from central team in Asus is - The Strix 4090 OC is a powerfull card and and their performance and construction DOES require at least 30% fan speed.

Excuse me???!!! The card is literally running below the ambient temperature! Asus marketing materials are HIGLIGHTING everywhere the 0dB mode on Strix 4090 OC, like here:  And now you are trying to tell me, that this obvious VBIOS bug is a correct behavior and 0dB mode is not present on Strix 4090 OC?

So, are the marketing materials going to be corrected? Or is someone in Asus going to fix the VBIOS?

For people interested in my testing, here is the full video: 


Level 7

I use Neo G8 (4K 240Hz "with" HDR) vga fan is working all the time (never stop)
My VGA is Strix 3080 O12G
- 4K 240Hz "with" HDR (fan will stop/vga ram speed decrease to lowest)
- 4K 120Hz "with out" HDR (fan will stop/vga ram speed decrease to lowest)
I don't know when I use 4K 240Hz + HDR vga ram is run at full speed 
Asus please solve it 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @yumenowinds 

Could you please clarify the specific difficulties you are currently facing?
Are you using the 0 dB feature in GPU Tweak III, or have you made any further adjustments in the VF Tuner settings?
Also, could you provide the version of GPU Tweak III that you are currently using, and have you updated it to the latest version?

Thank you.

Dear @Jiaszzz_ROG 

@Jiaszzz_ROG wrote:

Hello, @yumenowinds 

Could you please clarify the specific difficulties you are currently facing?

I don't want my vga fan always working all the time (in light load)
it will make my vga life short

My system is Strix3080 12GB+ Odyssey NEO G8 (4K 240Hz)
Yes 0dB still active all the time but working in some condition that I said (I never use GPU Tweak III)
I don't have special set up at all just only run GPU-Z / MSI after burner to monitoring 
I just try any condition of resolution/refresh rate/HDR 

4K 240Hz + HDR (Fan never stop) *Vga ram always run at fullspeed/Board power draw 100watts++ 
4K 240Hz without HDR (Fanstop is working)

4K 120Hz + HDR (Fanstop is working)

at lower resolution every condition "fan stop is working"

I will attach some picture when I contact to nvidia staff in Feb2023

sorry for my english If you have Thai staff feel free to contact me +66858643151 (Thailand)

*4K 120Hz HDR = 4k 240Hz without HDR = fanstop is working
4k 240hz (1).jpg4k 120hz.jpg

GPU Z VGA bios.jpgScreenshot 2023-06-10 220609.png


More photo
Everthings are same (4K 240Hz) except SDR/HDR
4K 240Hz SDR fan = 0%
4K 240Hz SDR fan = 5x%

4K 240Hz SDR vs HDR.jpg

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @yumenowinds 

The 0 dB mode activation is indeed related to temperature and power consumption.
According to confirmation from relevant departments, the conditions to trigger 0 dB mode activation are a temperature below 50 degrees, and it will be disabled when it exceeds 100 watts. The connected display may be just one of the factors that could affect it.
If you have additional requirements for fan activation specifications, we recommend using the options available in GPU Tweak III for manual settings.

Thank you.

Dear @Jiaszzz_ROG 

I have been try to manual fan set up via GPU tweak III 
nothing change cause of "Board power draw over 100watts" vga fan never stop

Can you ask ASUS technician why HDR (at 4K 240hz) make vram speed always run at highest speed in "idle" mode?
but 4K 240hz SDR power limit below 50watts vram speed decrease to 50-100Mhz

Why HDR use too much power in idle.

Can we solve this problem by update vga bios by ASUS?

                                                                                      Thank you