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0db fan for 3080ti turbo

Level 8

Hi. Can I activate 0db fan mode on Asus RTX 3080 Ti Turbo card on Win7? I have found an article [Graphic Card] Condition of Fan Start and Fan Stop on RTX30 & RTX40 series - it says that 0dB Fan mode must be switched "on" in GPU Tweak II". Although 3080 Ti is not listed there, I have decided to try and installed GPU Tweak II (latest version for Win7 from 2022/03/30 - it should support RTX 30 series). I have found screenshots that show that 0db fan switch is supposed to be to the right of the " My Profiles" button, but I don't see it there. Where is that switch?



Hello sk8rthug,

Try uninstalling GPU Tweak II and install the latest version of GPU Tweak III.

GPU Tweak III version, you may have to click translate.

GPU Tweak III (

gpu tweak III ODB.png


Ok, I have launched it on Win7, but there is only OSD switch on the right side. 0dB Fan and Power Detect are missing

"Unleashing the silent symphony of zero decibels on an Asus RTX 3080 Ti Turbo card is a quest indeed. In the GPU Tweak II realm, hover your cursor like a precision surgeon over the 'My Profiles' button's right flank. The elusive 0dB fan switch, akin to a ninja in the shadows, might reveal itself for a quiet rendezvous."


Thank you

I suspect this is a compatibility issue with windows 7.

What would you think of upgrading to Windows 10/11?

GPU Tweak IIII.png








I don't think it's a compability issue becasue GPU Tweak II from 2022/03/30 which officially supports Win7 and RTX 30 series has exactly the same problem - no 0dB fan switch. I suppose  that 0dB fan feature is exclusive to ROG Strix and TUF Gaming series, and I think it gets hidden for other cards. But maybe there is a way to forcefully turn on this feature or trick the app to unhide it?


You are correct, apparently only ROG Strix and Tuf gpu's support the 0db fan feature.