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ROG STRIX Helios Power button Alternatives?My Suggestions for Next ROG Strix Supernova GX702 Chassis

Level 7

My PC is working fine & also i am using 1050VA sine wave ups + TRIPLE layer of surge protections which gives strong protection for PC besides what PSU has to offer But if one day, if my pc is not turning on, i think now i can confidentially say its not the fault of ROG THOR 850 PSU or motherboard/CPU or loose connections BUT IT SHOULD BE mostly because of the design of fragile power button of STRIX Helios.... i mean if pc is not turning on, i could completely stop worrying or troubleshooting anything inside and will have to end up buying an PC Case from another brand and have to put everything what was inside the Helios(motherboard, ram, gpu, hdd, psu, AIO, CPU..etc) into that new cooler master cabinet and just believe that 1st troubleshooting method for attempting to fix the PC will eventually would end up working....

The Helios looks great like a BEAST...But the Power button build quality is so fragile, i dont know how ROG TEAM could make bad decision for such an incredible PC case(which is also company's 1st ROG case)...

It was working good for the first two months but then now since the last few days, i noticed the red light on the power button while pressed is not showing up anymore(although the PC is turning ON and everything seems to be functioning Normal)

Also the soft tap of pressing power button doesn't seem to work, i now need to increase the pressure, not like pressing and holding the power button for three seconds BUT like the press of power button during that 1 second must be little bit hard and deep tap, this is little bit uncomfortable for me NOT BECAUSE of the current action which i have to perform now(but because of the fear that the case delivers like it will fail any day randomly ?....)

i only turn on pc once a day, turning on the PC in the morning and turning off at night....

I DON'T Want to Leave the PC running 24x7 because i want to increase the lifespan of components and want to take good care of it by reducing the stress to it as much as possible (as i specifically bought newer hardwares that are released in 2019, 2020 models just to enjoy using Windows 8.1 pro(PC FULLY Builded with last supported generation of CPU and GPU such as INTEL Skylake series and RTX 20 Series)). This behavior of not running 24x7 also helps in increasing the Life of AIO strix LC II 360 cooler aswell...

Now, Everyday, While im about to TURN ON the PC, im getting that sense of FEAR where whether the PC will successfully turn on for today's use ? it feels like chaotic mental stress/trauma, making me feel nervous and gives anxiety aswell because i really love this PC a lot and the PC Successfully turning on gives such a sense of relief❤️....

This behavior shouldnt be there so is there any alternative methods to try where i can use that method to turn on the pc instead of the Helios case power button OR Does the power button design of this chassis was purposefully built in this way to avoid accidental turning on(soft press), why is it behaving in this way(and why i haven't noticed about this during the first 2 months of use ?)

i Love my PC but this behavior makes me feel like the relationship with my PC won't be there for a very long time like how G750JX lasted for 10 years, it was my first ROG laptop pc where the journey started in 2013(and haven't got any other PC for the last 10 years...)

The laptop was example of perfection and i had special attachment with win 8.1 because it came with it so was using win 8.1 for 10 years straight.... more than any performance or compatibility issues with win 10 or win 11....Main reason why i dont want to go for win 10 or 11 was the UI design Especially the explorer.exe and the new updated icons were not looking visually appealing... Win 7/8.1 were truly beautiful

*delete button


Screenshot Capture - 2023-09-16 - 11-37-00.png

Screenshot Capture - 2023-09-16 - 11-44-02.pngwhich one looks more futuristic? this isnt the only example but there are many aspects of win 8.1 which can be shown that outshines all other version of windows... Even the Start Menu Looks great after customization... People who criticize win 8.1 for its start menu are just the foolish people who are bad at customization and thinks it's cool of them to get on the bandwagon and spread hate for win 8.1... Maybe im in minority but im not afraid to say it, Win 8.1 has the Absolutely best looking start menu as compared to all other versions of windows, it's super immersive and i really like it. My Gun Start Menu


Win 8.1 is also the absolute fastest os with windows processes count is as low as 19. It was the stubborn behavior of Windows Engineers who wants to kill customization and limiting everything to what they think as good for the end user is what made me hate newer version of windows... The newer version of windows gives me feeling of Microsoft wants windows to be more and more like android than having to be like a traditional PC OS where true PC Operating system Experience was made available with Win 7 and it's brother Win 8.1... Win 10 and 11 took a totally different direction... 

The fact why i have got new pc is because of gpu failure on G750jx and ASUS service center told the spare parts are not available for such older model(nvlddmkm.sys error)... i enjoy my new ROG PC but it would be nice to have that fear gone forever....For this new pc, i only chosen the parts which goes into the PC build...

Motherboard : ASUS ROG Strix X299-E Gaming II - LGA2066 - DDR4 M.2 USB 3.2 802.11AX WiFi 6 X299 ATX Motherboard for Intel Core X-Series Processors

CPU : Intel 9960x

RAM : Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith DDR4 32GB 3200MHz PC4-25600 CL16 1.35V 288-Pin UDIMM Gaming Desktop PC Computer RAM Memory Module (8GB x 4)


Cooler : ROG Strix LC II 360

PSU : ROG Thor 850p

HDD : WD Blue 7200RPM 1TB(i didn't go for ssd because i want data reliability and lifespan over speed... i dont wanted to keep track of write cycles)

Drive : ASUS External 16X Blu-Ray Writer with USB 3.0 ASUS-Optical Drives Storage -BW-16D1H-U-PRO

Chassis : ROG Strix Helios

Keyboard : Razer Cynosa V2

Mouse : Dell Wired + ASUS MW203 Multi-Device Wireless

Joystick : Ae zone Xbox 360 Wired Controller Gamepad for PC  | Enhanced (Black) 

Wi-Fi : Wi-Fi 6 is unavailable for win 8.1 so my Wi-Fi Solution is TP-Link Ac1300 USB WiFi Adapter (Archer T3U)-2.4G/5G Dual Band Mini Wireless Network Adapter for PC Desktop, Mu-Mimo Wi-Fi Dongle, USB 3.0

Headset : Razer Thresher Dolby 7.1 x3 Razer Kraken V3 PRO x1 and Razer Barracuda PRO x1 (Why Not even one Asus headsets? Because ASUS India Marketing team is poor and shows no interest to make the ROG 50mm driver headsets available in India... As a matter of proof, you can check out this live amazon page, the headsets will be non-existent

this is only for amazon but there are also other websites where the scenario looks same... of course i could find some models on amazon but what it possibly costs in 199 or 249$ in the other sellers are selling at massive price hike of 450$ to 550$ which is not cool... if one day, Asus_Global notices about this negligence of ASUS India and fixes the stock availability issue and open up the possibility of purchasing ROG headsets at a reasonable price like buyers in America or China, then along with Razer, i can also buy Asus ROG headset but until then its not possible for me...

I only choose and paid for the parts but the PC build is done by different people from site like pcstudio... So if power button of Helios fails, i will have to contact them again to recompile the build into another PC chassis directly 1st by skipping troubleshooting of other pc components.... because i know it would work.... i hope that time wont come soon and in the meantime, if you know other workarounds, let me know...

ROG Team, Please also make ROG Strix Supernova Gx702 with the same design of GX601 but with minor improvements like including STRONG power button similar to G750JX and a backup power button on the back side if possible? so this new case will have Dual Power buttons convenience, plus Improved Glass tech, the current one seems like easily get scratched if proper care is not taken and also try to innovate a little bit and find possibilities to make the usb 3.0 ports available on the back side as currently now im only using dongles on the top side....if i need to put HDDs or use usb hubs with those ports on the top, the cables seem to be visible on the top of the side, so if the usb ports which the supernova chassis has to offer was on the back side of the chassis, i could use those ports with usb hub and connect HDDs to them....

Changes at a Glance

ROG STRIX Supernova GX702

Updated Lighting Effects and on the front glass, Dual Power Buttons, 7 USB 3.0 ports, Upgraded Glass with dimensions of chassis being as same as helios

i hope ROG Continues to innovate and provides solution for me.... thanks❤️