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ROG STRIX Helios not turning on..please help with the troubleshooting journey

Level 7



pc was working fine until yesterday but today its not turning on... i mailed ASUS service center to send a technician to home( as the build is 35kg+ and due to the chassis being very fragile ) But no response from them yet... please help...if you need more details, please ask... thanks.

i hope Asus will help me to get my pc fixed..


Level 7

Fixed the issue by myself...

Gently tapping on the left and right area of the desktop where power button is located worked... at first, make sure all connections are tight and after that i opened the right side of the chassis where cable are hidden and found that the screw on the top was little bit loose so tightened it and assembled the chassis back.. and turned on the pc, it didnt power on, pressed the power button again, didnt turned on.. and then gently tapped on the right area of the desktop in which power button is located and this time i increased the pressure while i pressed the power button, it then turned on... windows 8.1 turned on... i then shut down manually via start... waited for 20 seconds and attempted to turn on the pc again, it didnt turn on initially during first 2 tries and then again, i increased the pressure while pressing and it turned on the pc , once booted, i shutdown via start again

To make sure pc was not turning on by luck... i went for 3rd attempt, i wanted it to turn on the first try itself, so during 1st try, i increased the pressure and pressed the exact center area of the tiny power button and it worked and booted... 

I cannot believe how ASUS has implemented such a basic power button for an expensive chassis... laptops of rog from 10 years ago had more futuristic power button and they werent plastic...

images (2).jpegidk whether the reason for such a basic power button design was an initiative of planned could have been better because the power button gives me that feeling of fragile even though it has the name "power"(strength)

Having to be very careful or the power button will fail is bad design... i feel like if every power button design of ASUS Products would be same as G750JX, then everything would be awesome