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ROG Strix CANNOT remove graphics card

Level 7

I got the card out of the lock and it slides about half an inch towards me but it will not come further than that. I don’t see any more screws I can take out it’s just somehow caught on something about half an inch out of the slot. Can anybody help me out here?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @samdman 

Could you please provide the complete model number you are currently using?
May I ask if you have referred to the user manual for the corresponding product on the official website?
If it is an all-in-one PC, please note that we do not recommend self-disassembly and assembly.

Thank you.

I believe it is the ga15dh or ga15 or g15dh or something like that? I think that’s what the model is. It definitely is being caught on something on the inside of the case like that flaky aluminum type stuff on the inside.

Also if the model name I provided isn’t what you were looking for then where can I find what you were looking for?

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @samdman .

The ROG Strix GA15 G15DH you provided is an all-in-one desktop, and we do not recommend self-disassembly of hardware components.
May I ask why you need to remove the GPU? If necessary, please contact ASUS service center for further assistance with diagnostics and repairs.
Please refer to How to find Product Serial Number to verify your correct serial number and kindly send it to me via PM for further confirmation of the model and relevant specifications.
Please note that as the serial number contains personal information, it is not advisable to disclose it in a public comment.

Thank you.