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New custom G21 PC Reqd.. Budget is 3000$.. pls help building exactly ONLY what I need :(

Level 7

Asus makes Great products but unfortunately Asus India has bad marketing and very limited supply chain so i hope some Responsible official from ROG GLOBAL will help in getting me a new ROG Desktop

I made this post yesterday

At first, the manager of Authorized Asus Service center told Asus Taiwan had the spare parts for G750 but then he called again and told only the motherboard is available and graphics card of gtx 770m is not available and he will try searching for it through other sources...

While I felt really sad about it, I've tried to move onto something new from Asus, BUT NOW I'm getting more depressed after seeing only the LIMITED models of ROG PC variants with almost all of them are identical in the specs which is being placed inside(cpu/gpu/ram/ssd... etc)

I know it might not be good to ask for 2016 or 2017 models but all I wanted was 2020 model but Asus India made it unavailable 😢 😔 

This model is not completely erased from existence as other sites are still selling it 


but i dont get it because they are bundling monitor with the desktop, also there seems to be price hike for the specs listed, really thought of seeking Asus help 1st and saving some money before paying the price to 3rd party site...

Apart from the Greatest Marvels which you created, namingly G750 and G752, The next marvel would be G21 HURACAN model(with the only flaw of magnetic case as I have heard from people that magnets are the enemy of hdd.. luckily this model has this casing only on one side so I will place the magnet side on ground side of the table)

Here's what I want from Asus... Instead of forcing people to settle with specs which you decide, please allow us to select the specs and then tell us the price, we'll pay full product and shipping price and then you can take 7 to 10 days to build it and ship it to us.

For Example, the main reason why I want the G21 model is because that's the final model of ROG with the prime inner specs(cpu/gpu)which will support Windows 8.1/ 7 so I really need that model or any rog laptop with rtx 2080/2070/1070 desperately (rtx 30 series and beyond dont offer driver support for 8.1, so i have no interest in getting them)... 

I prefer desktop now more(as compared to laptop) due to I have completely lost interest in NEWER ROG Laptops due to their obsession of making laptops thin(after seeing the reviews of weak people with childish mindset complaining about laptops weight... )

I have seen reviews people list laptops weight in the cons(and never thought some random users opinion would lead to decline in laptops design standards of the body designs which ends up compromising the hdd slots, killing the ability of offering more usb 3 type A ports...lacking bd drives and limiting the fans(I mean think about it, if you made the laptop's to be more thick by offering hdd slots and bd tray, you can also improve cooling as the laptop body size will also be improved and there will be more space inside to install fans))

For me, since PCs are where I spend most of my time in a day, I really wanted it to be something which I love and has emotional attachment to it like I had with G750JX. Life will be miserable if the PCs which we're about to get and use daily will end up making us feel like... it's something which that "JUST EXISTS" in order to get the task done.. Besides that there will be no sense of excitement, love or the feelings of joy and chilness while we interact and use it..

I have already reached this state with Microsoft Windows... Windows 8.1/7 were truly the most great/joyful os to own/use and I'm 100% sure my PC life will be so boring If I get into the stage of ONLY having to deal with boring windows 11/10 everyday(as both intel and Nvidia already started to cater Microsoft by killing the drivers support for the most fastest os(windows 8.1) and ROG G21 will be the last hope for me to rescue me from the trap of windows 11/10...)

Why I don't like Windows 11 ?

It's definitely the design and constantly removing old school windows example is the new irritating file explorer design... after loving the gorgeous win 8.1 file explorer and its super stylish top ribbon area, I can't tolerate that windows 11 new top ribbon area where everything buried into 3 dots and poor grouping design in the left navigation panel and they also removed the joyful balloon notification and replaced it with toast... for me, win 8.1/7 still feels far ahead of time as compared to what Microsoft is forcing now.. The biggest problem of Microsoft is not while they add something new but the ultimate problem is that their belief of what they offer NEW is better than what existed before and being alright with completely removing the old design..why not Optional ? If they lack the ability to offer something optional, why change it in 1st place ? Poor customization design and taking away the rights to restore classic design is another reason to avoid modern windows...

I hope ROG as a leader will understand my feelings and help me getting a new Custom made G21 Variant with specs listed below


GPU Nvidia 2070 or 2080 or 1070

CPU  Any best possible processor listed here which has driver support for 8.1

I Care about reliability and longevity of my PC Life so I don't need SSD... HDD is absolutely fine as the 2.5 inch 7200rpm hdd which I got along with g750jx from 2013 is still working and alive.. it's not possible for ssds to last for 10 years and keeping track of write cycles is annoying so I only need 1 TB 3.5 inch 7200 rpm drive(or 5400 rpm)

Wifi hardware which support with win 8.1 drivers

Maximum number of USB 3 Type A Ports(USB type C not required)

HDMI support

Great cooling fans and heatsink

Liquid metal tech which you have in laptop

Sonicaudio tech (I have used razer thresher on console and the sound quality was poor but while I use it with rog, it was heaven as it sounded more powerful..though I'm not sure whether it's 100% Asus sound tech credit or Nvidia hd audio driver also plays a role)

I will really appreciate if you also build the chassis without magnetism 🧲 as I don't want any hdd to be damaged

If you believe the specs which i listed isnt that complicated for ROG to offer and you're ready to help me, I will be so grateful and will start to have huge respect for ROG as ROG will become that unforgettable special friend in life while everything is going in bad direction(Windows 11 forced consumerism/Nvidia and Intel both teaming up and killing win 8.1/7 and lastly bad reputation building up by Asus India for not having the products ready to sell... the worst feeling is while we have the money and are ready to pay but the company refuses to help just because we're not ready to buy what they offer as latest)

If you're living outside India, I'll pay the product price + shipping and importing fees. Thank you


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Scavxo 

We highly value the feedback and expectations of every user and deeply appreciate the care and support you have shown for ASUS.
The suggestions will be carefully considered by the relevant teams for reference and evaluation.
Furthermore, we recommend that you consider our range of motherboards and related accessories.
By self-customizing and assembling the components to create a computer that perfectly meets your specifications and requirements.

Thank you.