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BSOD UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION. I want to find a permanent fix to this issue.

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Hello. I am encountering an issue with my month-old gaming PC and blue screen errors. The stop code I usually get is UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION and it's driving me crazy. I have tried using the System File Checker and it says that there are no integrity violations. I am wanting to find the root cause of the problem and have this fixed. My system model is ROG STRIX G10CES_G10CES. I have also looked at event viewer and says the system shutdown was unexpected. I also don't see any minidump files. I am also on the latest version of Windows 11.


Hello. I have downloaded V31.0.15.3699, and it was okay for a while, but today, my computer blue screened. Is there any other way that I can diagnose this issue? Another thing, I checked the event viewer and I see "Dump file creation failed due to error during dump creation."

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By the way are you still under warranty or want to start working with ASUS support in parallel or instead in case it turns out to be a hardware issue that needs to be sent back for repair?  They may repeat many of the same questions before setting up an RMA if it is determined to be necessary, so not sure if you would just rather work with ASUS support instead.

Feel free to continue to work with me on it, but just didn't want you to miss your warranty window while we discuss.

Unfortunately, don't have a quick and easy answer although there are more things we can check and discuss if you have the interest.

If you have upgraded any hardware, try to reinstall the original hardware to compare.

How long was it working okay with the *.3699 driver and how quickly did it bluescreen before you installed the *.3699 driver and how quickly did it bluescren after you installed the *.3699 driver?

Are you able to post a picture of the bluescreen or see any useful information like a filename?

If the system restarts before you can check the bluescreen message, please check the Win10 FAQ below which should also apply to Win11 to see if it can stop the system from rebooting next time.  Thanks.

Windows 10 Troubleshooting - How to Disable Automatic Restarts After Bluescreen Errors? | Official S...

It was working okay for about two weeks with the .3699 driver, and it would blue screen every couple days before downloading the .3699 driver. Between February 17 and February 24, I have not upgraded any hardware. It blue screened twice since I downloaded .3699. I am also under warranty, until December 26, 2024. Next time my computer blue screens, I will get the image for you.

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Okay, sounds good.  We may just want to wait to check the bluescreen screenshot if better, but two weeks seems like a fairly long time to not run into any issues though, so just wondering if you could have been using the system differently and if you notice any patterns or if the bluescreens seem related to when you are doing something specific like running a graphically intensive program or just surfing the internet.

If you do end up sending back the desktop to repair to check the hardware later, we usually want to make sure there is an easy way for repair to catch the problem, otherwise, it could be difficult for repair to figure out too.

Also, assume the vga driver has not been updated automatically, but may want to check later too to make sure.  Thanks.


I apologize for the late reply, but I have finally managed to take a photo of the issue with my phone. I see four random error codes at the top left along with the BSOD. It's stuck at 0% and doesn't go past there.

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No problem for the delay and thanks for the screenshot.

Need more time to study it, but don't have much idea right now.

Did you notice if it is always the same bluescreen and have you found any pattern or way to make it appear?

About how long has it been between bluescreens and are you still running the *.3699 vga driver currently?

It's usually UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION, but I have also gotten WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR as well, and I have not found any pattern to make it appear. Sometimes, it blue screens every couple days, and I upgraded to .5176 after it was blue screening every day.

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Thanks for the update and has the problem become worse since we talked a month ago and can you think of changing anything in the hardware or software that may be related?

Are you saying you see bluescreens more often with the *.3699 vga driver now and which bios version are you using?

What sort of things were you doing when you saw the bluescreens and does it seem to happen pretty much anytime?

It may not make any difference, but we released a newer 319 bios for the G10CE a few days ago, so something to consider for later.

It's not a good idea to post your serial number, but if you don't mind to send it to me by private message, please do that,  and feel free to continue discussing at this thread if you prefer since I just wanted to get your serial number.  Thanks.

I have tried the 319 BIOS, and I'm still having issues with blue screens.