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BSOD UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION. I want to find a permanent fix to this issue.

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Hello. I am encountering an issue with my month-old gaming PC and blue screen errors. The stop code I usually get is UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION and it's driving me crazy. I have tried using the System File Checker and it says that there are no integrity violations. I am wanting to find the root cause of the problem and have this fixed. My system model is ROG STRIX G10CES_G10CES. I have also looked at event viewer and says the system shutdown was unexpected. I also don't see any minidump files. I am also on the latest version of Windows 11.


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Thanks for confirming and assume the vga driver version is still *.3699 and hasn't been updated?

Unfortunately, seems like we're sort of going around in circles with this issue, so was thinking of trying to do more formal troubleshooting and see if we can get and have someone check some of the logs, but we probably will need your serial number for that, so not sure if you want to share it with me by private messaging, or want to check with ASUS support and send me the case number to start troubleshooting that way?

Looks like you mentioned there was an error to create the dump file last time though, so not sure if there will be any probems to collect that.

If it sounds any better, also consider sending back the desktop to repair while you are still under warranty to check the hardware or we may just try to prepare for that if you're interested.

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Thanks for the private message and received your serial number.  Feel free to communicate by private message if you prefer, or we can continue to discuss on the forums in case others have better ideas.

Your Intel cpu doesn't support onboard cpu graphics, so we don't need to worry about those vga drivers.

Want to check with more people about it later, but can you confirm if the system is still bluescreening with the 319 bios and *.3699 vga driver or confirm the current Nvidia vga driver version?

What kinds of things were you doing recently when the problem occurred?

Also wanted to try to get an idea how often the problem occurs right now and if you were able to find any ways to avoid or make the problems happen?

If the unit was sent back for repair, do you think it would be easy for them to see the problem, or what suggestions would you have for repair to try to catch it if the unit was sent back for repair?  Should they run the system all day normally including web browsing, or run a graphics intensive program for an hour, etc?

We can keep working on it if you don't have the interest to send back to repair right now, but just trying to get a better idea about how often the problems occur and if there are any good ways to catch it right now by pretending it was sent back to repair.