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Air Bubble issue on Helios, Can Someone from ROG suggest me what would be the best solution ?

Level 7

Seems like i got air bubble issue and it got spreaded while i attempted to fix...

Now my question is , Is it alright to remove that protective cover completely ? will it still have that shining effect ? and also what about the ROG stickers? Since i have already placed them on this cover, will it remove properly and stick directly on glass if attempted ?... The Situation as of now is that its not spreading as long as i dont attempt to make it go back to the state how it was while i had it for first time... I also Love ROG stickers so if removing them from the protective cover and placing it directly on glass wont stick them properly, then i wont attempt to remove the protective cover for as long as possible...

If you have any other ideas on how to deal with situation like this, let me know.... 

the issue is only on the top side... no cracks or glass damage, its just the cover started to getting removed...

ROG 1.jpgROG 7.jpg

Zoomed View

ROG 107.jpg


Level 12

Peel it off it's just a film for the glass during shipping so it, isn't scuffed.

Level 11

Do not forget to peel off the one on the back window glass too! 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Scavxo ,

Regarding your inquiry, when you mention the "shining effect," could you please specify what you are referring to? 

The protective film on the tempered glass does not impact any lighting display. 

As for whether the sticker can adhere securely to the case after removing the protective film, we cannot guarantee its adhesion because peeling the sticker from the protective film may affect its original stickiness. 

We recommend assessing whether removal of the protective film is necessary. Thank you.