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A2 problem on motherboard

Level 7

Hello first i have problem with cabels because i am transfering pc to my new home but then i plug in all cables amd pc was worked but some apps didnt starting and pc had strange starting then i just wanted to go in BIOS but i just cant go to BIOS with F3 and then i go to BIOS with windows settings then i enter to BIOS and monitor stoped working then i look to motherboard and there was A2 problem but then i watched some tutorials and forms. I clean RAMs, drivers, and i replace lithium battery with new and then nothimg changes


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Foxelion 

As we have observed repetitive posting, we recommend using this thread as the primary avenue for communication: Motherboard problem d7
If you have any updates or discussions related to this matter, please update that thread to avoid confusion or information gaps.

Thank you.

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