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ROG Raikiri Pro not recognized in Call of Duty on ROG Ally Z1 Extreme.

Level 9

Not sure if this is the proper forum for this question but I have been unable to find any sufficient answers.

I have tried numerous settings tweaks and I have been unable to get the Raikiri Pro to be usable in Call of Duty on the ROG Ally. It seems that Call of Duty only recognizes the inbuilt gamepad rather than the controller I have connected.

Does anyone know how I can get Call of Duty to search for the Raikiri Pro instead?


Level 9

This issue seems to have resolved itself. I would delete the thread but I cannot find the button for it.

How on earth do I get it to work with call of duty ? I’m having the same problem… I can’t get it to work no matter what I try. 

In my experience, whenever I have issues with Call of Duty recognizing the controller, a combination of rebooting my ally, closing out of armor crate and reopening it, etc. Usually works. If my Call of Duty doesn’t skip the intro cutscene when I press “A,” I usually reboot my computer and it tends to fix itself. I wish I had a more exact answer I could give you, but after it not working for me for a while it began to just magically work in Call of Duty.

You’re the best !!! And thank you for the fast response also, I just got this ally like 3 days ago and this controller on top as you already know is too ****** expensive to be giving me problems like it is. I’ll try those out and let ya know ! 🙂