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Android gaming controller questions

Level 7

Hello everyone,

I usually play games like genshin impact and call of duty where turning around the camera is a chore, i keep missing buttons because there's no feedback with the touch screen and leaves the screen and back of the phone super greasy after a long period of gaming (which makes it worse to move camera and turn) so i was wondering about phone controllers to make my life easier and i saw this video where they were using a switch-like controller and it seems like the perfect solution for my problem.

So my questions are:

Is it much better to play with an android controller?

How do i find that switch-like controller?

I've been googling and all i can find is xbox-like controllers with an attachment for me to put a phone and it doesn't seem as great.. Any opinions? Thank you!


Level 8

Wise questions. I look forward to any answers.