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ROG Delta S Wireless no mic

Level 7

Just purchased the Delta S Wireless less than a week ago.    Have yet to be able to get the microphone working in bluetooth.

I've reinstalled Armory multiple times, i've disconnected and reconnected the headset multiple times.  The Mic doesn't work on Bluetooth at all. 

The microphone is detected and works in 2.4 but i'd much prefer using BT as my laptop doesn't have very many USB ports available



Hey Piggums, assuming you're on windows (correct me if I'm wrong!): if you go to control panel -> sounds -> recording tab, do you see the headset there at all when you pair it by bluetooth?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Piggums ,

based on your issue, may I ask have you check the sound setting in Windows?

If you connect the ROG Delta S Wireless to another device using Bluetooth, does the microphone function properly for an extended period? 

Currently, in Bluetooth mode, is it accurate to say that your headset's microphone is not picking up your voice, although you can hear audio normally?

Please make sure that you choose the correct input/ output device.

You can refer to the below picture.

You can also check the volume mixer to confirm whether you have the ROG Deltas S wireless as the input device.

Make sure that all the driver is at the latest version.

It is suggest you can cross test with other device to confirm the issue.

[Windows 11/10] Sound settings and Volume Mixer | Official Support | ASUS Global

Thank you.