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ROG Delta S microphone problem since last update

Level 7

Hello, yesterday I updated my Delta S headphones on the armoury crate interface ( desktop pc, win11 64bit ) Framework update was done. This was a completely fresh update that was thrown out on the 31st of June. Since I updated the headphones the microphone speech quality has become catastrophic, until then it worked perfectly so I can only attribute the degradation to this.

I've completely deleted and reinstalled the armoury crate app, but the same problem persists. I tried it on my laptop running win 10, I didn't install armoury crate there, I just let the machine detect it and it works perfectly fine.

Is this an isolated case and just me or is it a problem with the upgrade?


Level 9

Yes I can confirm it, the mic quality sound really bassy and over saturated. The last update also add some "bongiovi accoustics effect" in windows settings that was not there before. I've already reported it but more report is always nice.

The only solution that I find was to restore windows with a restore point before the update. It should be not that drastic of a solution but I had to be quick to make my mic useable again and I didn't want to look around of how to uninstall this update.

Do you mind also sending a video/audio capture ? I've also reported an other issue; a high pitch noise that si present on the last firmware update of the Delta S Animate, though I don't know if its present in the regular Delta S.

Here an audio comparasaion between the two firmware:

0-49sec ; firmware 1030
49sec to end ; firmware 1040

So far, people like @Jiaszzz_ROG  @Aureliannn_ROG and @Alvez_ROG that are supposed to respond over here have been quiet over these issues, so the more report with actual proof, the better.

Thanks !

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @PWN3D_ 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and we appreciate the information you've provided. 
May I ask if you have tried cross-testing by connecting the device to other equipment or using different cables to verify the issue?

Thank you.

If you are talking about that high pitch noise that we can hear on the video I link here, I've tested difference device , from Windows 10/11, Mac OS and Android;

All infos are on this thread that I've started 2 months ago if you remember, my last response was 3 weeks ago, and you still haven't aknowledged anything nor teased any kind of fix on the way... : Re: ROG Delta S Animate Firmware bugged - Page 2 - Republic of Gamers Forum - 925738 (

If you are talking about this new mic problem that completly ruin the quality of the mic, I have cross tested and it works on device that don't have armoury crate instaled. The update that ruin the mic quality is the ASUS Framework Service - HS Plugin, for the Rog Delta S Animate (it is also available for my ROG Throne QI).

This update add Audio enhancement provided from "Bongiovi Acoustics" named "Bongiovi Acoustics Capture Effect" in System>Sound >Proprerties. This effect can't be dissabled and will reactivate itself after a reboot.

As for using different cables ... All the Delta headset (except for the Wireless one) have undetachable cable... so no.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @dobidani86 

Could you please let us know which versions you updated from and to that resulted in the microphone audio issue?
Kindly provide the current brand and model of your PC and laptop, the version of Armoury Crate you are installing, screenshots of the update center, and verification of Windows audio and microphone-related settings along with screenshots (possible path: Settings > Sound > Control Panel).
If you directly connect your headphones to the rear panel of the motherboard, does the issue persist? If possible, could you record separate audio or video clips of normal functioning and indicate the segments with audio anomalies when the issue occurs?

Thank you.

Thanks for the response, but the dust problem is now moot. I gave away the headphones and bought another one, because I couldn't tolerate the sound problem of the microphone after daily use, and I didn't have time to wait until it was solved by a possible upgrade.

Monitor, motherboard, video card, keyboard, mouse remain ASUS I'm still happy with those, but the headphones disappointed me with this problem so in this case I switched brands.

All the best!