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ROG Delta S Animate Firmware bugged

Level 9

Just want to post that here since I want this issue to be acknowledged.

ROG Delta S Animate High pitch mic noise with firm... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 922606 (

There is I believe a bug in the firmware 1040 (Device firmware 0.1.9726 / Led firmware 1040) of the Delta S Animate, making a static noise on the microphone.

Already changing my headset 3 time. The second headset I got was making this noise as soon as I update the firmware. My third (and I hope last) headset is still on the out of the box firmware (Device firmware 0.1.8770 / Led firmware 1030) and no static noise so far.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @PWN3D_ .

May I inquire if you have purchased three ROG Delta S Animate headsets, or have you tested three headsets through an exchange process?
If you have used three headsets, we would appreciate it if you could provide the log files and details for the first and second headsets to assist us in troubleshooting the problem.
Additionally, may I ask which brand and model of laptop you have connected the headsets to? What is the OS version, audio-related driver version, and configuration?

Thank you.

I have exchanged one through Amazon, bought my first one in October 2022 I believe. Amazon only accept one exchanged then refund you if the second is also deffective so I bought the third one. I don't have a specific log for all the 3 headset I had but I can make a log for my current headset on the out of the box firmware (1030) that don't have any issue yet. The two others have been sent back.

The thing is, I had my second headset on my head when I did the 1040 firmware update, with the windows mic monitoring (listen to this device) turned on. As soon as the firmware update finished, I could hear the noise again.

I've tested the 3 headset on multiple devices:
-On my main desktop, 5800X3D, X570 Dark Hero, Windows 11, with the basic audio driver that windows provide AND with the realtek audio driver from Armoury Crate/ from the support page of the motherboard and tested MoKiChU audio drivers
-Tested on an old Macbook pro,on mid 2010 I believe,on Mac OS AND a partition on Windows 10, plugged AND unplugged to a wall outlet.
-Tested on a asus vivopc vm60, on Windows 10 basic windows audio driver from installation.
-Tested on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, in and out of my current location. Tested with the native voice recorder

With all of those devices I had this static noise on the two headset on 1040 firmware. I don't have this static noise on my new third headset that is still on 1030.

I would love to update it, to confirm that this is the 1040 firmware that is the issue here and provide a log of it, but I would also love to have a way to flash the firmware back to 1030 before I do this, to not lock myself in 1040 until you decide to take a look at it.


Edit: I don't know if you can fetch this but I made a google form for an issue on the sticky topic "Armoury crate v5.4.10.0 / aura creator v3.5.7.0 [report here if any issues]". There should be a log here with my first Delta S Animate on 1040.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @PWN3D_ .

Due to the potential time difference and national holidays, I apologize for any delay in response.
From either PM or comments, I haven't seen the Google form you mentioned.
Could you please let me know how you provided the form?

Based on your description, is it safe to assume that the only ROG Delta S Animate headset you have has not been updated to firmware 1030 yet, and therefore you have not experienced the issue you described?

Regarding the first two ROG Delta S Animate headsets that have abnormal noise after the update, did you only test the laptop? Have you cross-tested other devices?
What is the complete model number of the laptop and the driver version related to the audio?

Thank you.

Level 9

The Google form was form this topic Armoury crate v5.4.10.0 / aura creator v3.5.7.0 [r... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 908153 (

The link for the Google form is this one Armoury Crate V5.4.10.0 / Aura Creator V3.5.7.0 (

Yes the only Delta S Animate on 1030 is the only one that do not have this high pitch noise from the microphone. The second one I tested, out of the box on 1030, did not have this problem until I update it to 1040  5 minutes later.

Like I've said, I tested all headsets across multiple device included two desktop on Windows 10 and 11, one macbook pro mid 2010 on Mac OS and on a Windows 10 partition, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, a tablet on Android.
The two headsets on 1040 failed the mic test and had this high pitch noise on ALL devices tested. The headset on 1030 works fine on all devices to this day.

The audio driver for my main desktop on WIndows 11 was 10.0.22621.608 from Microsoft
The audio driver from my macbook partition is an older than that and is from Cirrus. I can't the audio driver from my second desktop right now but as they all failed during the cross tested, audio driver seems irrelevant.

Level 9

@Jiaszzz_ROG  It's been a month and I didn't heard anything about this problem being look into... Am I wrong?

Level 9

@Jiaszzz_ROG I don't really know what to do anymore. Should I make a video capture of me updating from ver. 1030 to ver. 1040 and show that the mic noise appears as soon as the update complete is enough of a solid proof to you guys to even consider aknowledge this issue and at least try to fix it?

If only I'd have a way to revert back to 1030, I would do it.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @PWN3D_ 

I apologize for the communication interruption between us.
Based on our previous conversation, you purchased three sets of ROG Delta S Animate, and you have kept only one pair that does not have the issues described.
Therefore, we are unable to further identify the possible problem.
Could you please assist us by providing relevant video recordings that highlight the specific version of the issue?
If possible, please provide timestamps indicating the moments of abnormalities in the video, along with detailed screenshots of the related settings in Armoury Crate or windows.

Thank you.

Level 9

Here is a comparaison between my third and current headset (still on 1030) and my second headset (1040) that has been returned.
Recorded with Nvidia overlay, 100 volume on windows and "listen to the device" ticked on on the delta s animate settings in armoury crate.

0s to 17s: out of the box (Device firmware 0.1.8770 / Led firmware 1030)
17s to 22s: disconnected 1030 headset and connected 1040 headset
22s to end of video: firmware 1040 (Device firmware 0.1.9726 / Led firmware 1040)

An other test  I did on that 1040 headset was activated text animation on the anime matrix. It resulted in different kind of noises, sometime louder when I clicked on apply and I when armoury crate was loading:

Level 9


Is this all you guys need? I forget to add that i'm on windows 11 22H2 and Armoury Crate ver is but it should not matter since I've tested the headset on Android and MacOs and the same issue happens on the headset with the 1040 firmware version.

I might repeat myself but if you guys really need a proof that this version of firmware is doing that high pitch noise, I can video capture me doing the update from 1030 to 1040 while recording the audio. The only condition to me doing this is having a way to revert back the firmware as I don't want to send a perfectly working headset that only problem is in the software... for the third time.