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ROG Delta S Animate Firmware bugged

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Just want to post that here since I want this issue to be acknowledged.

ROG Delta S Animate High pitch mic noise with firm... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 922606 (

There is I believe a bug in the firmware 1040 (Device firmware 0.1.9726 / Led firmware 1040) of the Delta S Animate, making a static noise on the microphone.

Already changing my headset 3 time. The second headset I got was making this noise as soon as I update the firmware. My third (and I hope last) headset is still on the out of the box firmware (Device firmware 0.1.8770 / Led firmware 1030) and no static noise so far.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @PWN3D_ 

May I ask if you are currently using two pairs of ROG Delta S Animate, with one on the 1030 firmware version and the other on the 1040?
Does this audio anomaly only occur with the headphones running on the 1040 firmware version? Could you please confirm if the issue is not present with other headphones?
If you could kindly provide separate log files for the "Armoury Crate settings that may cause noise during operation" for both the 1030 and 1040 firmware versions, it would greatly assist our investigation.
For log operation steps, please refer to "Q5: What is App Diagnostics? (New Feature)" .
After recording the log, please upload it to the cloud, approve access, and PM me the link.

Thank you.

No, I currently only have the third one that is still in  firmware 1030, since the two previous on 1040 has that high pitch noise on the mic, I had to return them to my reseller since there is no way to flash the firmware back to 1030 on those. A shame since now I'm pretty sure their hardware were fine, it's just the software that went bad, such a waste imo.

What I can confirm is what I have already sent you on the video capture that I made when I still had two of these headset, a headset on 1040 with the mic noise, the headset on 1030 without it.

I want to point out that that all the troubleshoot was made with the AI Noise Cancelation option turned OFF in order to just pickup the raw mic quality without software tweak.

If you need my log file only for the 1030 firmware, I can provide it to you. But for a log of a headset on 1040 firmware, I would need to update it, wish I would if I can flash back to 1030 again, as I already said.

Level 9

PM sent

Level 9


Ok, time for an update.

I pull the trigger and decided to update again the firmware of my delta S, and yes, it confirmed what I thought, the latest firmware update of the delta S animate introduce this high pitch noise... so I did sent back two perfectly fine headset due to a boggus firmware... And this time I've video capture the all thing.

So, I beg you Asus, if you guys can't reproduce this, it's really not serious from you. Please take this problem seriously and fix this firmware that just ruin the quality of your product for everybody that buy them.

0-49sec ; firmware 1030
49sec to end ; firmware 1040

So now i'm stuck with a worse mic quality than before the update BECAUSE Asus doesn't provide any way to rollback the firmware as I've begged for months now... I only have to wait for an engineer to look into it and finally fix it for I don't know how long... Really thats is NOT serious from Asus at all.

Level 9


Somebody esle noticed this issue but used Sonic Studio III to fix it. I don't have it installed though: