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Issue with my sound (cut and noisy) while gaming with my CH7

Level 7

Hi everyone !

I hope I am on the good place to maybe finally find some solution to my sound issues.

First my config :
- Ryzen 5800x3D
- Corsair H150i
- RTX 3080 suprimX
- 32gb RAM
- Asus Crosshair VII Hero
- EVGA GQ 850W Gold +
- Storage : 2x Samsung 870 EVO and 1 Seagate barracuda
- NZXT h700
- 2 monitors one 144hz (main) one 60hz

So... let's summup !

When i'm playing a game that asking some effort to my graphic card i'm starting to get some cut and noise in the sound i hear. The noise is more like if someone were playing with a jack around the input. 

You will maybe going to tell me that's Coilwhine, nop I know what's coilwhine and this is not that also we can hear the issue when recording.

I already update my driver, unistall, reset everything what could be do with the drivers have been made => nothing change

I already Reset my windows (few time) to 0 => nothing change

I already get this issue with my past R5 2600 and my GTX 1080 so this is not a graphic card or proc issue.
I also buy new stick of ram => nothing change.

Set up every sound peripheric to the same bits and frequency : Done => nothing change

sfc/scannow => nothing change

I made some test with OCCT :
When testing the CPU => no issue
When testing the GPU => Issue after few minutes
When testing the power supply => Issue after few minutes (seems logic because this test make run at 99% my GPU)

In some game for exempler minecraft with shader, if I stuck the FPS to 60 I didn't have issue but if i'm starting to setting them upper => Issue.
Same things appear in other games but some of them are still giving me audio issue (for exemple Outer Wilds).

So now i'm just desesperate I don't know what to do... Should I buy an external audio card ? Should I buy a new mobo ?
I really need your help please !!

Here's a video to giving you an exemple :

I hope maybe some of you will be able to help me (fingers cross)
Have a good day !