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ROG Delta S Wireless no mic

Just purchased the Delta S Wireless less than a week ago.    Have yet to be able to get the microphone working in bluetooth.I've reinstalled Armory multiple times, i've disconnected and reconnected the headset multiple times.  The Mic doesn't work on...

Piggums by Level 7
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How do I change my Asus Xonar soundcard audiochannels to 5.1?

I do have a Xonar AE Asus soundcart on a Win11/64 PC running. When I play a simple stereo sound I only hear the sound on the front speaker. How can I change the setting in order to hear the sound on ALL audio channels (front, rear, etc) ? The soundca...

Asus Strix GO 2.4 Headphones

Hi AllI've just bought a pair of the Strix GO 2.4 headphones (second hand). It seems that my set is suffering from the common issue of no wireless connection, I have tried to update the firmware by connecting both the wireless dongle and the usb cabl...

ROG Strix Delta S Mic Stoped working after firmware update

Does anyone know how to fix the issue with the mic For Delta S Headset After a recent update, my mic stopped responding tried reinstalling the armour create etc still the same issue The picture below it shows the microphone firmware version is 0.0.0....

Screenshot 2023-07-21 222944.png

inbuilt 5.1 speakers not detected on laptop (g533zx-g533zx)

(this affects my bios too (rog startup animation sound) did a fresh windows install on my g533zx, have installed all drivers from website have installed dolby atmos, have installed realtek drivers from drivers tab on website, when i access the speake...

ROG Delta S Wireless, beeps 3 times every 40 seconds

 Problems started after 2 months of use.when using 2.4, it plays 3 short beeps every 40 seconds, the music is not interrupted, the volume control does not workwhen using BT every 38 seconds one long beep and 3 short beeps, the music is not interrupte...

1.png 2.png
kolbi by Level 7
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Issue with my sound (cut and noisy) while gaming with my CH7

Hi everyone !I hope I am on the good place to maybe finally find some solution to my sound issues.First my config :- Ryzen 5800x3D- Corsair H150i- RTX 3080 suprimX- 32gb RAM- Asus Crosshair VII Hero- EVGA GQ 850W Gold +- Storage : 2x Samsung 870 EVO ...

ROG Delta S Animate Firmware bugged

Just want to post that here since I want this issue to be acknowledged.ROG Delta S Animate High pitch mic noise with firm... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 922606 ( is I believe a bug in the firmware 1040 (Device firmware 0.1.9726 / Led f...

PWN3D_ by Level 10
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