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ASUS Xonar AE(gaming soundcard)

Level 8

I have a Xonar AE, have attempted to set it up as speakers and secondary soundcard for communication, been through every settings on the audio panel and there is no page to set up the sound card as individual outputs, contacted ASUS support and have been fobbed off at every turn, they keep stating the software has to support this but thats rubbish, when you select speakers it disables headphones making it not selectable in TeamSpeak, when you select headohones it turns off the speakers so you no longer get sound out of your speakers, tried multiple ways to map out the audio but none work, if i enable my realtek onboard soundcard, that allows me to do all these things straight away, so its not a windows problem, nor is it a software problem, its a badly written driver problem, it seems the driver you released (2 YEARS AGO) does not work correctly within windows 11, now i know you are going to try and tell me its my equipment, i can guarantee it most deffinately is not, been building pc's since the Pentium pro was released (around 34 years), i know what im talking about when i say something does not work how it supposed to i wont just go away, ill make noise till somebody fixes said problem, had the same around 10 years back with Creative labs, selling a soundblaster audigy as an x-fi, they eventually replaced my soundcard as they falsely advertised the item as an X-FI, now you are doing the same here advertising the Xonar AE as a gaming soundcard, when it does not function as so.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @blank_disk ,

based on your issue, may I ask have you make sure that XonarAE driver is at version 1.1.19?

Xonar AE|Sound Cards|ASUS Global

Could you try updating the drivers? 

Regarding the inability to set the sound card as the output device, could you provide a screenshot of the sound control panel? 

What is the current version of your operating system (OS)? 

You can refer to the following FAQ: "Please update your system to Windows 11 22H2 and install the latest driver (Windows 10)." Thank you

[Sound card] The card cannot output from headphone after the system is upgraded to Windows 11. Switc...

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running the latest version of windows 11

running the latest driver(ancient as the pyramids, not even windows 11 release)


speakers selected


set as communication device greyed out(this is the problem


contacted ASUS support & the support guy kept stating i could select both in windows settings, but when you select the speaker in the sonic studio app, the headphones vanish, when you select the headphones the speakers vanish

tehre is a page missing in your application, you get it on £10 sound cards where you can separate the audio outputs so you have speakers & secondary audio device, like this


and what do you know thats for another asus soundcard based on realtek audio(onboard soundcard), that can do what a gaming card is supposed to.



Anybody there


realtek hp driver.png

 this is my laptop with speakers and headphone, this is what your software is missing(sonic studio), the multi streaming option


windows audio panel.png

 this is the windows audio panel allowing me to select both audio output devices


this is the windows audio panel with headphones and speakers connected, your driver disables the speakers when headphones is set to default & disables the headphones when speakers are selected as default, so the soundcard does not function as a gaming soundcard, as gamers require the communication device for applications such as TeamSpeak.


Are you lot going to reply with an answer, or is it the same with every piece of ASUS hardware, you dont provide driver to make them work properly

Customer Service Agent

Hi @blank_disk ,

thank you for the information you've provided. 

We've passed your details on to our relevant backend team for analysis. 

Please be patient and wait for any updates or messages from us. Thank you.

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i know the reason it does not work how its supposed to, its because you can not deselect digital out as a sound device, windows only allows 2 devices and because you cant deselect digital out as an audio output so it disables the headphone socket, i can set digital out as a communication device but thats not really of any use, this is without a doubt the cause of the issue

Customer Service Agent

Hi @blank_disk ,

we'd like to confirm a few things with you. 

When you're using Realtek Audio, are you connecting a single output device (such as headphones or speakers), or are you simultaneously connecting two output devices, one to the front audio output and another to the rear audio output? 

Please provide details about your output configuration, and if possible, share a photo of your setup for our reference. 

Thank you.

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im connected to the Xonar AE soundcard only, connected headphones and speakers & mic, not got any other device enabled, the problem is you cant use the headphones and speakers synchronously, every other soundcard allows the headphone to be set as a secondary device, the reason this is a problem is due to the spdif output being set as a default audio output permanently & it can not be disabled, the other problem is the sonic studio panel is running scripts from windows 8(the manifest files), the drivers are windows 10 based, never been a windows 11 driver released, its not really good enough considering its not a cheap sound card, the c-media sound chip can do this as it is on other soundcards & is capable of synchronous ouput, the problem lies with not being able to disable the spdif output as default device.