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Asus Rog Strix Go 2.4 Dongle Replacement

Level 7

I can't send an email to ASUS as they require a serial number which is not on the product that I have.
I can't call them as I am unable to find a phone number anywhere.
My nearest ASUS service center is unable to help as they only deal with laptop repairs, so I'm trying here instead.

Product in question:

As the title says, I don't have a USB dongle as it got damaged because of neighbor's little kid.
I'm willing to pay for it if I need to, I just want to be able to use my headset as surround instead of stereo with the AUX cable.

Can you help with that? I live in Turkey.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Wyattran ,

Thank you for your inquiry. 

Regarding the dongle (the small device), we would like to remind you that it is not sold separately. 

If you have further questions, we suggest contacting your local customer service. 

Since you mentioned that you are located in Turkey, you can refer to the following link to call the local customer service in Turkey.

Service Hours: 09:00-18:00

Phone: 0850 522 2787 (ASUS)

Additionally, please note that providing the product serial number is necessary. 

We recommend checking the product box or whether you registered the product initially. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.