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ROG Strix Arion

Level 7
Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has the ROG Strix Arion SSD enclosure, if so which M.2 drive are you using?, I have fitted a Samsung 860 EVO M.2 SATA SSD 500GB but it won't recognize the drive.

Thanks in advance

Level 7
I got a Samsung 970 evo 500gb with mine as a bundle, and it doesnt even fit in properly. I cant close the enclosure on top of it.

It wasnt working either, so I ended up just installing the m.2 in my laptop.

Level 8
I have a Samsung 960 EVO 500gb M.2 in mine which fits. You may have to push hard on the top, the thermal pads may be a little thick

Level 8

I received the ROG Strix Arion I ordered today (wasn't expecting it until Saturday, so surprised to get it delivered early). I got a Crucial P3 Plus PCIe 4.0 NVMe 2280 M.2 SSD, and like many people I got worried when the enclosure piece that pops open wouldn't stay shut when closed. 😨

Like purekaoz777 alluded to the thickness of the thermal pad seemed to be the issue. After spending a lot of time repeatedly pressing it down it eventually stayed closed.

When I first plugged it in (trying the USB-C to USB-C cable it didn't seem to popup in the Aura Sync area of Armoury Crate, but the ROG symbol did light up and cycle in its own pattern. It also had no drive detected of shown in Windows File Explorer. I decided to try the USB-A (from computer) to USB-C (device) cable, and then it appeared in Armoury Crate Aura Sync devices. I Synced it up.

I launched Disk Management, and got a popup message about initializing the drive. I initialized the drive in GPT, NTFS, Simple layout, with drive letter assigned, and quick formatted. After that the drive showed in File Explorer and everything was good. I then ejected the drive (even though I didn't need to since I didn't enable write cache in the format), and plugged it in through the USB-C to USB-C cable, and it detected and identified the drive correctly.

Disk Management.jpg

Given what it says it supports format wise I would suggest (don't know how much if any it matters) getting a drive that says its interface method is a PCIe as opposed to the SATA that Senitor9 got for his enclosure. If nothing else, it should be faster...

Now I just need to figure out what I want to put on this large 2TB drive that I can easily carry around with me. 😁🤔