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ROG CHAKRAM X - Keyboard functions don't work with TUF GAMING A15

Level 7


I have a ROG CHAKRAM X mouse, and it's working (2.4ghz) fine with my Desktop, all buttons and joystick remaped works flawleslly with my scenario profiles, no problems at all.

Recently I bought a TUF GAMING A15 Laptop and trying to use Chakram on bluetooth mode.
I've remaped the buttons and sync with internal memory, but the buttons I remaped with a KEYBOARD FUNCTION don't work, no matter what keyboard shortcut I assign to it. If I map the buttons or joystick with multimedia or any other function, it works fine.
I tried clean uninstall tool of Asus armoury crate and re-installed, no success.

Please, how can I fix this, I bought this mouse cause of number of buttons and now I cant get it to work.
Everything is up to date.